The Object of Art

Shea Stanfield

Local artist Leo Posillico’s philosophy of creating art is much like that of sculpturor Alberto Giacomett, “The object of art is not to reproduce reality, but to create a reality of the same intensity.”

Growing up in Westbury Long Island New York Leo credits his teachers with having the greatest influence on his creative process.  Leo attended the School of Visual Arts in New York City specializing in illustration and cartooning.  His artistic expression would take a detour into the Army where he served as an Army Photographer in Vietnam.  Once back to the states, after his service, Leo settled in Los Angeles pursuing what he describes as, “a multifaceted art career as an art director, illustrator, board game designer, album, book cover artist, and author.”  The common thread running through all his work is an interest in, “the human condition and our relationship to one another and the environment.”

Through the years Leo’s paintings, have been represented by Martin Lawrence Galleries in the United States and a number of galleries in Japan.  His simplicity of form and brilliant use of color has made his work extremely desirable to collectors favoring contemporary and eastern stylistic form.  Part of the fun and mystery in Leo’s work is a signature “character” that showed up one day when he was doodling while talking on the telephone.  Since then the character/s have made an appearance in all of his work.  When asked what this form looks like Leo replies, “my figures are virtually all elongated, raceless, genderless, and usually composed of a single color each.”  He goes on to express, “By simplifying shapes with quick precise brush strokes I animate the basic human emotions in all of us, and by having detached heads, hands, and feet these expressive figures achieve their movement.”

All Leo’s originals have his characters in them.  He makes a point of adding titles to all the images, “to allow not only the visual, but also the verbal viewer to be involved with each piece.”  The title explains his point of view while inviting viewers to make their own interpretations.  Over the years Leo has won a number of awards for his posters, billboards, and illustrations.  His work has been featured in the book “American Art Collector” and several other noted Arts publications.  Today Leo works from his home studio concentrating his time on commission pieces and his two yearly premier shows.  In November 2019 Leo will be participating in the annual Hidden in the Hills Studio Tour at host studio 21, for more information visit  In January through March 2020 you will find Leo Posillico at Celebration of Fine Art in Scottsdale

Visit Leo’s website at for more information or contact him by email on  Leo’s goal is to continue to grow and develop in his art, learn more about the people around him, maintain integrity in the world we live in and continue growing a better society with our humanity intact.

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