Something worth reading

Shea Stanfield
A wise, creative and very gregarious man once wrote, “Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.” Benjamin Franklin. In the case of local author Marc David, he has accomplished both. Born in Allentown, Pa., David was a writer from the start with a keen eye for interesting and exciting details. He could pen and spin a variety of interesting perspectives into provocative and interesting stories to delight and inform his readers. David went on to attend Moravian College in Bethlehem, Pa. to complete his B.A. in English/History. There he met writer Eric Rhodin, who David credits as his “guiding light” for refining his writing skills during those college days. The Morning Call, a local newspaper in Allentown, Pa., would become David’s initiation to the professional world of news reporting. He praises his first editor, John Kunda, for giving him an abundance of freedom in his reporting and the opportunity to expand his writing and reporting skills.

David freely admits, after growing up on the East Coast, he has no love for months of cold, dreary weather. Determined to put it in his rearview mirror as quickly as possible, he moved to Arizona. Today, David calls the Valley of the Sun home but according to him, he works from just about anywhere he has access to a computer and internet, using his home office as a base. Currently, David is a freelance writer on such projects as weekly College Notes sports column for Abilene Reporter-News and has three books published, “The Addicted Runner,” “Available Male Tale,” and “1,001 Things You Didn’t Want to Know.” All books provide material for his wide array of guest lectures he presents to groups and schools on good health, the advantages of running and inspiring personal possibilities. David is available to speak to your group, class or school at no cost in exchange for promoting his books. 

Enthusiasm, passion and sharing ideas with others are the core of David’s philosophy.  You could also add commitment, especially when it comes to his passion of running – to date, David has not missed a day of running in almost 40 years. Going forward, his goal is to continue sharing with others through his writing on the subjects he finds most interesting. Part of this process is volunteering in a variety of areas where he feels his knowledge and experience can help others find their good health and passions as well.   Visit author Marc David’s website for information on ordering one or all three of his books, scheduling a speaking engagement with your group, bring his workshop “Legacy Book Writing” to you and view a gallery of David’s pictures from his latest book tours.

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