Smokey walked up to a door and loudly meowed – asking for help – because she was not ready to give up. Smokey is the most feisty and fierce little girl. She was rescued weighing just 15 ounces. She had a stuffy nose and crusty eyes. Right after she was rescued, she ate her first meal like it would be her last. Now she is a rambunctious powerhouse of a kitten. She gets along great with dogs and other cats, and she is very vocal. Her favorite activity is sitting on your chest or lap and watching videos on the phone.  Smokey is an incredibly active young cat and will bring you years of entertainment. Smokey will ride with you in the car, sleep with you in bed and talk to everyone. She is bold and brave and acts more like a rambunctious puppy than a cat. Do you have an active family and funny pets? Then Smokey will be a great fit for your family.