Preschoolers help raise money for wounded warriors


CAVE CREEK – Preschoolers from the Goddard School in Cave Creek hosted a Family Fun Days fundraising event last month that raised $8,000 for the non-profit organization Jared Allens’ Homes for Wounded Warriors, which will use the proceeds to build a home for a local disabled veteran.

Photos courtesy of Goddard School

All of the money raised will go to veteran Corporal Cesar Garcia and his family, so they can build a 100 percent handicap accessible home that is specifically tailored for his needs. Garcia who was deployed to Afghanistan in 2004 suffered critical injuries during an explosion while on a mission to rescue two prisoners of war.

The injuries he sustained included the loss of his left leg at the hip, pelvic and spinal fractures and a traumatic brain injury. He was also shot multiple times while trying to escape the aftermath of the explosion.

The gunshot wounds caused him to go into cardiac arrest and his chest was opened on the battlefield, so his heart could be massaged and shocked in order to revive him. After he was stabilized Cpl. Garcia returned to the United States for a recovery that took 18 months and 42 surgeries.

Photos courtesy of Goddard School

Despite his life altering injuries Cpl. Garcia has not let it slow him down. He is working full-time for Social Security while earning his degree in Business Science with an emphasis in accounting and finance. He also coaches his son’s peewee football team.

All eight of the Goddard Schools around the Phoenix Valley hosted a Family Fun Days fundraiser event selling $10 tickets, ultimately raising $8,000 between all the preschools for Cpl. Garcia and his family.

Jared Allen’s Home for Wounded Warriors stated mission is to raise money to build and remodel handicap accessible homes to suit the individual needs of veteran returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. For more information contact alex@homesforwounded