Peoria City Council selects interim councilmember for the Pine District’s vacated seat

PEORIA –  Peoria City Council held a special meeting Monday night to interview  two candidates for the council seat vacated by former councilmember Carlo Leone.  The council voted unanimously to appoint Denette Dunn to the position, who was sworn in at the end of the meeting.

“Peoria is proud of the cohesiveness of our city council,” said Mayor Cathy Carlat.  “Welcoming Denette Dunn is only going to enhance the way that we serve our community and I’m pleased to welcome her to Peoria city council.”

Dunn and Eric Gagomiros both submitted vacancy applications by the April 26 deadline.  The application included questions about work, education and volunteer experience as well as issues facing Peoria.

During the special session, each candidate had three minutes to present a prepared statement to council. Each councilmember then had the opportunity to ask questions of the candidate.

After a brief deliberation, council provided feedback on their decisions and then voted unanimously to appoint Dunn.

Denette Dunn brings with her experience in business management, marketing and communications.

In addition, she has served on the planning and zoning commission since fall 2018.  Dunn listed water conservation, public transportation and street maintenance as the three top issues facing the city.

“It is such an honor to be appointed to this important position, and I look forward to serving Pine District residents and working together with our entire city council to help shape Peoria’s future,” Dunn said.

Dunn will serve as an interim councilmember until a special election is held on August 27, 2019.

Dunn, Gagomiros and a third candidate, Randal Rains, have submitted letters of intent to run for the seat during the upcoming special election.

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