Mowing down pollution in Maricopa County


MARICOPA COUNTY – A trade in lawnmower program was launched on June 4 to improve year-round air quality by reducing emissions from gas powered mowers by the Maricopa County Air Quality Department (MCAQD).

“Mowing Down Pollution” was launched this month by MCAQD to reduce harmful air pollution emissions in Maricopa County by giving residents $150 vouchers towards the purchase of an electric powered lawn mower at participating Home Depot locations.  All Maricopa County residents who own a working gasoline powered lawn mower are eligible to participate.

“This program gives you the power to aid in pollution reduction efforts,” stated a social media post by MCAQD about the program.  “Electric and battery powered lawn mowers are quitter and cleaner and eliminate the hassle of obtaining and using gasoline.”

By replacing 2,500 gasoline lawnmowers, 21 tons of ground level ozone causing pollution could be avoided, according to MCAQD.

Residents who are interested in trading in their gas lawnmower must complete and submit an online voucher at  Once the application is approved you must drop off your working lawn mower at one of eight drop-off locations, and then submit the completed form to MCAQD.

Once the department receives your completed drop-off verification from you will receive a $150 voucher that you can redeem at participating Home Depot stores for an in-store purchase of an electric or self-propelled mower.

Reel mowers, riding lawn mowers, tractors used to pull mowing equipment and tow behind mowers are not eligible for the trade-in program, and there is only one voucher per address.

For more information about the Maricopa County Mow Down Pollution Program call 602-506-5296 or email