Mothers are the most influential figure in our life

By Judy Bluhm, Foothills Focus Guest Columnist

Mother. One small word. One universal meaning. We are all bound by the shared reality that we had or have a mother. This is a central person in our lives. The foundation of our history. A huge part of our personal journey and earliest memories. She is the reason we are here and the person who probably shaped us into who we are today.

Mother’s Day is coming, so get out the photo album, take a moment to reflect and enjoy a day designed to honor the most influential figure in our life.

With the money spent on flowers, dinners, cards, candy and jewelry, Mother’s Day has been a boost to the economy. Will it be different this year due to the coronavirus? Probably. But no matter what, mothers deserve recognition. And gifts. Perhaps a homemade meal.

Mothers are our first teachers and taught us plenty of lessons. If we are lucky, we will take the most valuable ones and pass them on to our kids and grandchildren. It has been said that mothers give us the tools to withstand all manner of challenges, the capacity to grow into our unique selves, and the safe harbor of unconditional love that is the rarest gift of all. Thank you, mom.

Mothers gave us our roots. They knew us before we knew ourselves. Their memories of us go far and beyond what we can conjure up. They were another generation, perhaps a whole other era, yet they remain relevant in a timeless fashion throughout our lives. There is always some new information to learn about (and from) our mothers. And some moms just cannot stop teaching.

My mother is in heaven now, but over the years she has given me, my daughters and my grandsons quite a few cooking lessons. She perfected the art of baking to a level that few of us (me) will ever reach. Her secrets? Use the best ingredients or your cake will flop. And be patient; bread rises slowly. Mothers keep teaching us throughout their lives. The lessons never end! Stand up straight! Eat your vegetables! Keep trying! Study! Work hard! Get plenty of sleep! Budget your money! Have faith! Be kind! My mother’s motto was, “Invest in good ingredients or suffer the consequences.” She believed that for cooking, proper utensils and very sharp knives were more important than fancy granite countertops or double ovens.

Lessons, like recipes, come in many shapes and forms. This is what moms of all ages seem to specialize in—handing us recipes to put to use in our lives. The kitchen is only one small part of the “cooking class” that takes place when we consider the enormous influence our mothers have in our lives.

Life is like cookie dough. So how is yours shaping up? Dear readers, it is never too late to upgrade your utensils, search for the best ingredients in life and try out a new recipe. Mother’s Day is coming soon. Bon appetit.

Judy Bluhm is a writer and a local Realtor. Have a story or a comment? Email Judy at