Life is good when the world opens

By Judy Bluhm
Foothills Focus Guest Columnist

Ready. Set. Go. We are opening the world again. OK, so not completely. We might have to postpone a party or going to the movies. But we can get our hair and nails done. We can eat out! We might even go shopping for something besides food! Hey, the governor has spoken. Now, it will be up to us to decide what we feel comfortable doing. I had the surreal experience of going into a bank with a facemask on, and before COVID-19 this would have been unimaginable! It seems 2020 is shaping up to be quite a year of “firsts.”

People in Belgium are being asked to eat more French fries because the potato industry is unable to sell them. They are asking the public to fire up their deep fryers and eat fries at least twice a week. Otherwise, the Belgian potato industry stands to lose $135 million. Well, I know if I lived there, I would happily oblige.

Hey, we Americans have our own civic duties. Our farmers in Idaho have begun dumping potatoes, while some farmers are giving them away for free. And guess what? People started turning out in droves to get as many free potatoes as they can haul away. One guy drove 450 miles to get his spuds! What’s for dinner? How about French fries. Baked potato. Followed by mashed potatoes for dessert.

Arizona Dairy farmers are dumping over 100,000 gallons of milk every day because schools and restaurants are not buying it. Drink up! Milk does a body good. And it looks like the processing plants for meat are struggling to keep up. We, Americans, are not used to scarcity and it is causing us to consider more worrying prospects than a toilet paper shortage. When bacon runs out, it won’t be pretty. We are strong people. But a bacon shortage?

There are many folks so stir crazy that they will run out the door and into the shops, restaurants and businesses like a horse out of the gate at the races. I know when I heard our governor announce that beauty salons could open on May 8, I was driving. I pulled off the road and called to make a nail appointment as if my life (toes) depended on it. And I think I was not alone. I am cautious though, like many of us. I have several family members in the “vulnerable” category, so I will keep my mask handy.

Some people just need to “get out.” Like the 5-year-old boy in Utah who really wanted to go to California and buy a Lamborghini. Angry that his mother said, “No,” he snuck out of the house and took the family car, driving on the freeway as he was pulled over by a state trooper. Luckily, no one was killed. The youngster had $3 and a “burning desire” to get that flashy car. Dream on, my little friend. We all want things. Me? I will settle for French fries, milk and a pedicure. Life is good.

Judy Bluhm is a writer and a local Realtor. Have a story or a comment? Email Bluhm at