Hurricane Rosa brings rain, flash flooding to the North Valley


NEW RIVER – Areas of Maricopa County including New River, Anthem, Desert Hills and Carefree have received two or more inches of rain in the last 24 hours since the remnants of Hurricane Rosa arrived last night on October 1.

The rainfall is predicted to continue with heavy rain throughout Maricopa County for the rest of the week, which means flash flooding is likely to occur and residents should be flood smart, staying out of washes and areas with moving water.

The downpours may cause localized flooding in washes, riverbeds, roadways and other low-lying areas, putting lives and property in jeopardy if proper safety guidelines are not followed,” stated a press release from the Maricopa County Flood District.

So far locally, Skunk and Cline creeks have received slightly over two-inches of rain and Fig Springs has had over 2.5-inches in the last 24-hours in New River.  The Desert Hills wash has received 2.28-inches of rain and the Galloway Wash in Carefree has seen about 2.5-inches in the last day.

A water depth of six-inches can sweep a person off the ground and a depth of two-feet can cause a truck or vehicle to float, according to county weather officials.

“The hazards of flash flooding are a matter of life or death,” said Supervisor Bill Gates, Flood Control District Board of Directors and Maricopa County Supervisor.  “Steer Clear of flooded washes to make the end of this year’s monsoon season safe for you and your family.”

The Flood Control District is reminding drivers to obey detour signs and avoid flooded roadways, as it is not only life-threatening but can also cost motorists an expensive penalty under the “Stupid Motorist Law.”

The Daisy Mountain Fire District stations are providing sand for residents who might need it, but you must bring your own shovel and bag, and it is a self-serve location.  Residents are limited to six bags per floodwater entry point.

Daisy Mountain Fire Station 144, 43814 N. New River Road, and Daisy Mountain Fire Station 146, 3116 W. New River Road are both providing sand.

The flood district provides online sources for residents to report and view floods at:; and real time rainfall maps at:

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