Handmade crafts are always appreciated by dad

By Shannon Fisher, Foothills Focus Contributing Writer

Father’s Day is coming up on June 21. Here are crafts you can create to celebrate dad.

A handmade card is always a hit with dad. Start with colored paper and fold it in half. Next, cut out a sun shape and glue it down. You can draw a face with a pen or marker. Next, use uncooked noodles to add sun rays. You can glue these with regular glue or a glue gun. Add what you want to say on the card. We put, “You are My Sunshine Dad!” You can add a message inside, and you have a card ready to give on Father’s Day.

Another easy way to package a small gift for dad is using an empty toilet paper roll. You can add a small gift inside or even just write a note. After your gift is inside, fold in both sides of the roll by pressing the circle in and pinching the edges. If you want, you can color or paint the outside of the roll, but we just left ours plain. To finish it off, use ribbon or paper to decorate the box. Hope dad enjoys his special wrapped gift!

Most dads would love a gift of service. You can give dad a helping hand by first tracing your hand on a colored sheet of paper. Stack a couple more papers and place the drawn hand on top. Carefully cut around the hand you drew while cutting through the stack of papers. This is an easy way to cut out multiple hands at once. Now, add the acts of service you want to do for dad on the hands. Use a ribbon or little metal ring like we had to clamp the hands all together. You can add a tag or make a note for dad to add to his helping-hand gift.

I hope you all have an amazing day celebrating someone special in June. Happy Father’s Day to all the dads!