Daisy Mountain Fire Medical

Daisy Mountain Fire and Medical staff, CERT volunteers participate in mass casualty drill


Pictured: The DMFM’s staff members and CERT volunteers that participated in the mass casualty drill at Scottsdale Bible Church on August 8.
(Photo courtesy of DMFM)

SCOTTSDALE – Daisy Mountain Fire and Medical (DMFM) participated in a large multi-jurisdictional mass casualty incident exercise on August 8, at Scottsdale Bible Church where more than 100 volunteer actors played victims.

The event has been planned for months and was designed to simulate a mass casualty incident that engaged local fire agencies, law enforcement and HonorHealth hospitals from across the Valley. The actors even had moulage makeup applied and were given an ambulance rides to one of the five participating hospitals.

“This surge of patients, more than 100 in all, also helped the hospitals confirm the effectiveness of their emergency response plan,” DMFM’s spokesman Paul Schickel stated in a press release.

The HonorHealth hospitals that participated were Osborn, Shea, Thompson Peak, Deer Valley and North Mountain. All had an unannounced surge in emergency room patients when the actors arrived by ambulance.

Schickel says the drill also: “Enabled law enforcement and fire departments to train for mass casualty incidents utilizing more than 100 volunteer actors in a church setting.”

A CERT volunteers lay on the ground with moulage makeup as part of the mass casualty exercise. (Photos courtesy of DMFM)

DMFM sent four of its CERT volunteers and one person from its EMS division as actors, plus an off-duty ambulance crew was present to transport the actor patients.

Two senior DMFM staff also participated as observers so they could share the best practices with DMFM firefighters after the drill, according to Schickel.

“All-in-all, police, fire, hospitals and ultimately the public, benefitted from this exercise,” he said.

Scottsdale Police, Salt River Police, Phoenix Police, Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office, Scottsdale Fire, Maricopa Ambulance, American Medical Response and Phoenix Fire all participated in the exercise last week.