Clarification-Borderlands Brewery North Phoenix

In the June 5, 2019, issue in the article featuring Borderlands Brewing and Public House on page 3, a technical error occurred in the print  version of the newspaper. In the print version in the second paragraph the sentence read that the brewery was located “across from the airport in garage.”

The sentence should have read: Borderlands Brewing and Public House will be located near 7th Avenue and Deer Valley road across from the airport in the Old Anthem Automotive garage.

The Foothills Focus apologizes for any confusion it may have caused readers.

Clarification – January 16

In our January 16, issue on page three there was an article with the headline “Winter Events in Black Canyon City at the Heritage Park,” that included a picture of an owl, which The Foothills Focus used with permission of the Black Canyon Heritage Park. This picture was taken by, Bob Golembe, and he was not properly credited in the print edition.

Correction to caption of Cowboy photo

In the October 3, issue The Foothills Focus published an article titled “Cave Creek Museum opens for the season with refreshed, new exhibits,” with a black and white photo of a cowboy identified as Herb Cohen on page 14. The photo caption was incorrect, and the cowboy pictured in the photo is George Mileham, and Herb Cohen is the photographer. “Cowboys Don’t Do Lunch: The Photographs of Herb Cohen” will be featured in the Cave Creek Museum’s Adult Discovery Series with a presentation by fine art photographer Jerry Sieve on October 20.

The Focus apologizes for any confusion the error in identification may have caused readers.

Correction to DreamCatchers/last dance article

In the August 22, 2018 issue of The Foothills Focus a factual error was made in the article titled “Anthem students create ‘last dance’ for 99-year-old dance instructor” that appeared on page one. The Focus wrote that Dolph Clark turned 99, but that was incorrect he actually turned 93-years-old. The organization DreamCatchers also incorrectly appeared as two words. We apologize for the errors and any confusion it may have caused.

Clarification to DWID article

The Foothills Focus would like to issue a clarification for an article that appeared in the August 22, 2018 issue titled “New River group set to finalize boundaries for water district, last chance for owners to join.” The article appeared on page one, and The Foothills Focus wrote that New River Desert Hills Water, LLC was a non-profit organization, which is incorrect. The LLC is not officially registered as a non-profit with the IRS and is rather a not-for-profit organization.

The LLC says it intends to register as a non-profit organization after the DWID is approved and officially formed.

The Focus apologizes for any confusion this may have caused readers.

Correction – June 27, 2018

In our June 27, 2018 issue in the story about Rusty’s Angels Dog Sanctuary, The Foothills Focus listed the wrong P.O. Box address on bottom of page 6.

The correct address to send donations to is P.O. Box 74031 Phoenix, AZ 85087.

We apologize for any confusion or any inconvenience this may have caused readers.