Constable candidate: Brent McCleve

NORTH VALLEY – Brent McCleve is running for re-election for his position as constable in the North Valley Justice Precinct in the upcoming primary elections this August. He is a native Arizonan with over 30 years of career law enforcement experience that wants to continue to serve the citizens of Maricopa County.

McCleve has served as constable for the last three years, and is now seeking another four-year term, running a contested election race against his opponent Mike Rowe. The person elected highest priorities will be performing duties for the court such as serving court orders, injunctions against harassment, writs of restitution, evictions and subpoenas, which are all court orders.

Constable McCleve has extensive law enforcement experience with over 25 years of service as a deputy with the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office, a member of the Tactical Operations Unit (SWAT), a member of the Fugitive Warrants Unit and as a property and evidence custodian for Maricopa County.

“I have made hundreds of arrests, had hours of contact with the public, and have exercised discretion in problem solving,” McCleve stated. “This experience has taught me to be able to deal with the situations that present themselves while conducting the duties of constable.”

He also served as a deputy constable with the Maricopa County Constable’s Office for five years; first getting appointed and then elected as the Constable for the North Valley Justice Precinct three years ago. McCleve says he has the skills and experience necessary to conduct the business of the constable with professionalism and dignity.

“I have served the office as an impartial liaison between the courts and property owners with an emphasis on protecting the legal rights of the citizens of Maricopa County that I serve,” he stated. “While doing this, no members of the public nor fellow constables have been injured or harmed, and I have made it home safely to my family every night.”

McCleve plans on continuing to serve the public in the manner which reflects the positive aspects of the office of the Constable in Maricopa County if he is re-elected.

“I am the most qualified candidate due to my experience and demonstration of honorable conduct as Constable for the past three years,” said McCleve when asked why voters should re-elect him. “I am looking forward to continuing to serve as your constable for the next four years with pride and enthusiasm.”

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