Candidate spotlight: Brian Moore, Daisy Mountain Fire Board


DESERT HILLS – Brian Moore is an incumbent candidate running for re-election for the Daisy Mountain Fire District Board. He currently serves as the board’s chairman, and has served on the board for the last 18 years, making significant improvements to the fire district’s infrastructure, equipment, staff and community outreach programs.


He brings 38 years of emergency response experience to the Daisy Mountain Fire District Board (DMFDB), with a 25-year-long career working as a paramedic and captain for the Phoenix Fire Department. He is also active with the Arizona Fire District Association and serves as an executive board member of the Arizona Ambulance Association.


“Residents should vote for me because of my proven track record of leadership, fiscal concerns, transparency, and my efforts to continually improve our life saving paramedic response and treatment,” Moore said.


Moore has served on the DMFDB in an unpaid position for almost the entire 21 years he has lived in Desert Hills. He and his wife Julie (married for 28 years) put all three of their children through the local public school system, and they all graduated from Boulder Creek High School.


“I have a clear understanding of the funding, resource needs and staffing requirements necessary to provide life-saving paramedic and firefighting response to the diverse communities that make up the Daisy Mountain Fire District,” he said.


Moore says in the 1990’s , DMFDB was very dysfunctional and run by misguided but “well-intentioned residents” that had no public safety or fire service experience, and did not understand how a fire district should operate fundamentally. High employee turnover, low pay, and worn out equipment and facilities were all factors that were negatively affecting the district before Moore was elected.


“In the 18 years since I joined the board, we have had stable leadership, a very solid and objective five-member board, tremendously improved service delivery, competitive wages , a promotional system and less than one percent turnover of personnel,” he said.


In 2002 the DMFD had a firefighter turnover of 50 percent. Today the district is starting to have its first firefighter retirements.


In the last 18 years, he has worked with the board replacing the department’s trailers with permanent fire stations, building new fire stations, purchasing new fire engines and trucks, expanding the district, and improving working conditions and employee turnover rates.


Moore led the fire district to zero indebtedness, and then conceived a $16 million Capital Improvement Bond Program for major capital and infrastructure improvements, which was successfully passed by the voters.


” I am somewhat perplexed by accusations leveled by the two non-incumbents,” Moore said, while explaining the board has been accused of making biased decisions for their personal benefit during the elections. “I am the first to admit that I am personally biased to providing the best in firefighting safety equipment, response apparatus and working conditions for those who put their lives on the line every day.”


He also rejects the claims that there is a non-cohesive atmosphere within the district due to leadership concerns starting at the top.


“This is certainly not the case as our Chief is well known statewide, has served us very well and has received many honors,” he said.


Other notable accomplishments of Moore’s while serving the DMFDB: Obtaining funding for the creation of the Hazardous Materials Response Team; created the citizen fire academy and cadet program; voted to create the award-winning CERT program; obtained funding for the Honor Guard Program; and worked to add the east side of Anthem to the district in 2003.


If he is re-elected he hopes to continue seeking funding for the fire district, strive for faster response times, continue to improve staffing and attempt to implement a technical rescue team program.


Moore is endorsed by the Daisy Mountain Firefighters, Professional Firefighters of Arizona, the Arizona Police Association, Arizona Corporation Commission’s Andy Tobin and former Maricopa County Supervisor Andy Kunasek. For more information visit his Facebook page “Re-Elect Brian Moore,” or visit