Candidate Spotlight: Alan Muller for Daisy Mountain Fire Board

DESERT HILLS – Alan Muller is running for one of three open seats on the Daisy Mountain Fire Board in the upcoming November elections. The Daisy Mountain Fire Board (DMFB) establishes policy and approves the annual budget for Daisy Mountain Fire and Medical, which covers approximately 200-square-miles encompassing the communities of New River, Desert Hills, Anthem and Black Canyon City.

He is seeking a position on the DMFB because many residents have expressed a desire to have new fire board members to help facilitate better communication with residents and the board about the Daisy Mountain area, according to Muller.

“I am an independent thinker and do not ‘rubber stamp’ decisions and would provide a new perspective to the board,” Muller said. “We need our first responders to realize how much we value their service and want to continue the succession of advancement from the bottom up within the fire department.”

As president of the New River/Desert Hills Community Association for eight years, he established relationships between the unincorporated communities in the North Valley, which are the same communities the DMFB serves. While serving as president he conducted monthly “town hall” meetings and community meetings featuring speakers from local, county and state offices that are of interest or importance to residents.

“My main focus remains in helping neighbors get in touch with appropriate contacts when issues arise,” he said while explaining why he is uniquely qualified for the elected position.

He was also a volunteer commissioner with Maricopa County Planning and Zoning, and the Maricopa County Merit Commissioner. He is also the treasurer of Friends of Daisy Mountain Trails.

Muller is not new to finding solutions for the community. He worked behind the scenes with many entities, helping broker a deal with the City of Phoenix, EPCOR and Anthem so a standpipe water station could be built for a temporary solution to the area’s water crisis.

If elected, Muller plans to expand advanced education and training for Daisy Mountain Fire and Medical employees, and initiate open, quarterly meetings where the community, fire chief and board members could exchange thoughts and information.

“I would also facilitate interaction with agencies, organizations and the community to provide advanced education and training for employees,” he said.

The DMFB also manages day to day operations within fire department including fire codes and voting on the selection of a fire chief (if needed). His experience of facilitating resolutions to problems that arise in the community while maintaining unbiased assessment of the situation makes him a great candidate for the job, according to Muller.

“I want to assure the department, as well as residents, that in the future, if Chief Nichols decides to retire, I would make an unbiased vote for selection of the next chief,” Muller said.

Known for being “The Eyes & Ears of the Community ™” Muller plans on integrating his knowledge and experience as a leader in the community to enhance transparency within the fire department. He is asking voters to cast their vote for Alan Muller in the DMFB elections this November.

If you would like more information about this candidate or would like to contact him call 602-432-2800, email or visit