Brush fire in Black Canyon City consumes vehicles, homes, firefighters injured

BLACK CANYON CITY – On June 2 Daisy Mountain Fire and Medical was called onto the scene of a brush fire that started around noon at a residence in Black Canyon City near Squaw Valley and Topaz roads.

Daisy Mountain Fire and Medical (DMFM) arrived on the scene and quickly called for additional units as the fire had already spread to a residential structure.  Firefighters from Mayer, Peoria and Phoenix assisted DMFM firefighters in fighting the second-alarm blaze, according to officials.

“The wind quickly spread the fire across the property and it soon involved vehicles, trailers, other buildings and brush,” said Paul Schickel a spokesman for DMFM.  “The intensity of the fire grew, and the wind pushed it across a two-lane road onto a neighboring property.”

Photo courtesy of DMFM
Photo courtesy of DMFM

The fire consumed about five-acres before it was extinguished, and it caused damages to many vehicles and other private property structures.  Powerlines fell nearby due to the intense heat, which trapped one of the DMFM fire engines in the flames, causing damages to it.

Two DMFM firefighters were injured and transported to an area hospital with non-life-threatening injuries and were released later that evening, according to Schickel.

This has already been a busy fire season for Arizona with extremely dry conditions across the entire state due to drought.  Fire restrictions are in place across the state and many state parks are closed until conditions are more favorable.

“It’s also important for people to remember to keep their landscaping well-manicured to prevent brush fires from extending into the yard and then to their home,” Schickel said.  “A 10 to 30-foot perimeter is recommended.”

DMFM and the Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office (YCSO) are still conducting a full investigation.

Initial findings indicate that the fire was sparked by oily rags and solvents that were in the back of a pickup truck and spontaneously combusted, which then spread through the dry brush, according to Dwight D’ Evelyn a spokesman with YCSO, who also noted that reports were not complete yet.

For more information on how to keep properties safe and prevent brush fires from spreading to structures DMFM recommends visiting: https:// ugd/3b5fa5_13492088178 c4fdca8ea9850234da8f0.pdf

Photo courtesy of DMFM
Pictured: The aftermath of a wildfire that quickly spread through a residential area in Black Canyon City on June 2. An investigation is still ongoing to assess the full amount of damages.
Photo courtesy of DMFM