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Specialized roadside assistance for wheelchair users comes to Phoenix

Phoenix – Getting stranded with a vehicle broken down is an inconvenience for the average driver, but for a driver or passenger with mobility challenges, it can be much more than an inconvenience. Safety concerns and the fear of getting stuck on the road are major pain points for those who travel in wheelchairs.

Unfortunately, most roadside service or repair companies aren’t typically equipped to assist with getting accessible vehicles back on the road, and they’re especially not prepared to assist individuals with mobility challenges using the accessible vehicle.

That’s why Vantage Mobility International (VMI), a leading manufacturer of wheelchair accessible vehicles, is partnering with Mobility Roadside Assistance™ (MRA) and At-Home Service™ provided by Wrench, Inc. to deliver the VMI Assurance program—an exclusive solution offered by VMI.

“This partnership furthers VMI’s commitment to empower people with disabilities by giving them more options and greater confidence to live an independent lifestyle,” said Mark Shaughnessy, CEO of VMI

VMI will provide one year of complimentary roadside assistance for customers who purchase a new or used vehicle with a new conversion from VMI, AMS Vans or Revability. What makes this different from other roadside services is that in addition to taking care of the vehicle, MRA will also assist the driver and passengers with paratransit service, ensuring they don’t end up stranded on the side of the road. 

“When our customers purchase an accessible vehicle from VMI, AMS Vans or Revability, we want our customers to feel assured that we will do everything possible to provide the best ownership experience for many years to come,”  Shaughnessy said.

Once the vehicle and owner are transported to a safe location, Wrench, Inc. mobile mechanics will provide the convenience of certified automotive technicians dispatched to the customer’s home, office or other location to complete the repairs and get their vehicle back on the road again.

This dual approach to vehicle service and support will ensure a peace of mind for customers whenever they set out for a drive in their vehicle. 

MRA’s specialized service also includes troubleshooting with a mobility technician, service for the accessible vehicle’s wheelchair lift or ramp, as well as tire repair and/or replacement. MRA will also provide all the standard roadside services such as towing, vehicle jump starts, emergency fuel and vehicle lockouts.

VMI/AMS Vans/Revability customers will get MRA’s roadside assistance membership for one year. They will receive a personal MRA ID card and access to all the benefits at no cost to them. VMI will begin rollout of the VMI Assurance program in July, beginning with its Signature Dealer Network.

“Combining VMI’s products with our growing service-based platforms, we will be able to offer Mobility Roadside Assistance™ to an even greater number of families, individuals, veterans, and businesses that deserve our very best in service,” said Jim Speer, founder at MRA.

Wrench, Inc. will provide the extended convenience of any repairs or maintenance required on location for the customer with a team of certified mobile mechanics.

“Our goal is to give customers the freedom to go about their day, tending to more important things,” said Edward Petersen, Co-Founder and CEO at “We are thrilled to partner with VMI and bring this extra sense of mobility freedom to its customers.”

For more information visit: VMI, Revability, Inc., AMS Vans