ACC’s new CEO leads by example

By Christina Fuoco-Karasinski
Foothills Focus Executive Editor

John Bowman has been excited about relocating to Arizona for some time.

When he saw a job posting for the Anthem Community Council’s community executive officer, he knew he had to apply.

“The last time I changed positions and came to Lake of the Pines (Nevada County, California), I had also interviewed at DC Ranch,” Bowman said.

“My friend from San Jose ended up getting that position. I had my eye on it. I had visited Anthem during annual conferences and workshops that the industry has for manager of large communities. When I saw that posting came up, I thought, ‘I need to put my name up for that.’”

Bowman started his job as CEO on May 26 and will work alongside CEO Neal Searer until he retires on June 30.

Bowman comes to Anthem with 30 years of comprehensive and diverse experience in general management of large-scale community associations in Northern California. Most recently, Bowman has served as the general manager of Lake of the Pines, a 2,000-home, private community that provides extensive amenities including: a 230-acre private lake and marina; an 18-hole golf course; two full-service restaurants and bars; seven neighborhood parks; a swimming pool; tennis and pickleball courts; bocce ball; 20 miles of private roads; and a year‑round recreation program.

He has a strong background in community maintenance, and his experience includes extensive involvement overseeing an architectural control process with a high-end custom and production homes development. Several environmental projects have taken place under his guidance, including the development of the first private Oak Tree Preservation program in Sacramento County, and the first community to dual-plumb more than 3,000 properties using recycled water for full-yard irrigation.

“I’ve been in the HOA industry for pretty much all my career,” Bowman said.

“I started in the maintenance department of a large HOA and managed their maintenance for eight years. That was Rancho Murieta in Sacramento County. While in that position, I was offered the GM spot of a brand-new community called Serrano El Dorado. It had 5,000 homes. They hired me when they sold the first lot.”

Bowman was looking for a change when he interviewed in DC Ranch in Scottsdale. Lake of the Pines was attractive, as it was 8 miles from his home. He started working there in 2016.

Bowman earned a Bachelor of Science degree in business administration and is a professional community association manager. He and his wife, Cheryl, volunteer with Living Water International, leading an annual team of volunteers to drill fresh-water wells in rural villages of Central America and Haiti.

“We have a blended family,” he added about he and Cheryl. “We have nine grandkids and four children. They’re all in the general area we’re leaving. Half of the family is relocating toward Montana. We’re going to be spread out—here, Sacramento, Montana and Arizona.”

Bowman enjoys golfing, however, he didn’t play as frequently as he liked when he was managing a golf course.

“We also like to travel,” he added. “We like to drive a fifth wheel around. I play most of my golf when I’m traveling.”

The national search for the new CEO drew more than 80 applicants.

“After dozens of telephone and in-person interviews, the ACC Board was able to select John as our top candidate with a unanimous vote,” said Terry Mullarkey, ACC Board of Directors president. “I am personally very pleased with the extensive experience and community management credentials that John brings to Anthem.”

Bowman said during his tenure at ACC, he will lead by example,

“When I started at Serrano, it was a one-person show,” he said. “It was a brand-new organization with no homeowners, I built that up from one person to 110 people when I left there. During that process, I’ve done basically every position that a large HOA would have.

“I like to be involved and lead by example. I also like to be the coach of the team. In a large organization like Anthem, you have a core team that I’ll be working closely with. The management team is important.”