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PHOENIX – Courageous Creatives are marching, rapping and hip hopping, not tiptoeing, into the literal and ethereal landscape of the Sonoran Desert, and local mural artist, edgy journalist and YouTube personality, Skye Lucking, has burst onto the scene. Much like graphic artist Peter Max exploded the visual design sensibilities of the 1960’s into the iconic iridescent, black light glowing colors that covered the surfaces of the hippie era. Yes, Skye Lucking has our attention!


Growing up in Goldsby, Okla. where the town population is 500, no one anticipated this inquisitive, intuitively creative and energetic young lady to be quite so “out there,” except of course, her parents.

Pictured: Skye Lucking, a local artist and founder of the YouTube channel Courageous Creatives.
Pictured: Skye Lucking, a local artist and founder of the YouTube channel Courageous Creatives.

Skye’s introduction to the broader world came with the family business, a skydiving company. Surrounded by pastures and farmland this particular spot in Oklahoma became a magnet for thrill seekers across the world. On any given day Skye could find herself listening to conversations among people of all walks of life with little in common other than their willingness to jump out of a plane. The subjects covered were vast, the cultures diverse, but the combination of experience and a love of life were universal. Skye was destined for adventure!


During her college years Skye hung out with artists and poets, she describes their creative energy as contagious. Soon after finishing her degree in Information Technology, she joined the Peace Corps, traveling to the island of Samoa.


Samoa would honor Skye’s generosity of spirit with a meeting to fellow Peace Corps worker, Charlie from Phoenix, Ariz. They would soon discover their common passion for creating sustainable, inclusive spaces for “world” community members.


Skye and Charlie combined their life’s journey and made a bucket list setting off for new adventures; walking the Camino De Santiago in Spain, attending the Burning Man Festival, and living in Buenos Aires, Argentina for two years.


While living in Argentina Skye honed her creative skills as a student of Miguel Giovantti, performing with the story telling troupe Second Story Buenos Aires. Also, during this time, Skye worked as a travel writer for


Today, Skye and Charlie reside in central Phoenix. Her cumulative experiences in visual art, storytelling, technology and service to others has lead her to develop her latest project “Courageous Creatives.” It is a YouTube channel with the goal to “elevate you to your highest self using inspiration, education, courage-building and community.”


“The channel offers interviews with some of Arizona’s most interesting people; motivational coaches, artists, fashion designers, comic book creators, just to name a few,” Skye said,


Her interviews also offer tips to help with mindfulness, art and activism.


The foundation of her venture is based on two quotes; one by Henri Matisse, “creativity takes courage.” The second by an anonymous source, “promote what you love, rather than bashing what you hate.”


Skye Lucking embodies both.


When not interviewing, editing or promoting her YouTube channel, Skye works as an artist and muralist. Her recent exhibits at the 9 Gallery on Roosevelt Row and as a participant in the Phoenix Mural Festival over Cinco de Mayo weekend have earned Skye a position among Arizona’s “Creative Class.”


Skye Lucking has what urbanist author and professor, Dr. Richard Florida calls it the “Three T’s – technology, talent and tolerance.” All the “T’s” are incorporated in her work and play a creative, meaningful and fulfilling way of life.


Check out Skye’s YouTube Channel at, or her website at To view Skye Luckings art or to contact her about commissioning a mural, visit and get inspired!


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