Five things she can do as a Girl Scout (that you probably didn’t know)


What do you think of when you think of Girl Scouts? I bet it wasn’t taking a 200-mile bike ride, traveling to Japan or learning to fly a plane.

The opportunities with Girl Scouts are truly endless, so the Girl Scouts – Arizona Cactus-Pine Council (GSACPC) is showcasing some things you wouldn’t expect they are doing.

Arizona Girl Scout Troop 7314 participating in Tour de Sih Hasin, which is a 200-mile bike ride founded by their troop leader Claudia Jackson to bring awareness to mental health struggles on the Navajo Nation.

1. Bike Ride

Not only can girls do recreational bike rides through the mountains of Arizona, but as Troop 7314, girls can take on the challenge of a 200-mile, eight-day bike ride.

The girls of Troop 7314 participated in the Tour de Sih Hasin – a community bike ride founded by their troop leader Claudia Jackson to bring awareness to mental health struggles within the Navajo Nation.

The girls went from novice bikers to experts within a few months, learning how to ride, bike safety and bike maintenance. Many of the girls have seen the mental health struggles within their community first-hand and found great pride in taking on this massive undertaking to help the people of their home in the Navajo Nation.

2. Kayak in one of Arizona’s lakes

The Peaks and Paddles summer camp session at GSACPC’s Shadow Rim Ranch in Payson takes Girl Scouts on a paddling adventure through the canyon slots of Lake Powell.
(Photos courtesy of GSACPC)

Kayaking is cool and all, but has she ever gone on a three-day backpacking trip with her BFFs and gone kayaking through the canyon slots of Lake Powell at the same time?

The Peaks and Paddles summer camp session at Girl Scouts–Arizona Cactus-Pine Council’s (GSACPC) Shadow Rim Ranch offers exactly that. They head up to a camp located in Payson, spending the first couple days preparing for this incredible backpacking trip.

Then they take a trip to explore one of many lakes in Payson with Girl Scout sisters and set out for adventure on a three-day trip full of hiking, climbing and kayaking.

3. Travel – Girl Scouts love to travel

From the field trips they take as Brownies to the global adventures they go on as teens. If she loves exploring different places and cultures, then Girl Scouts is the place for her.

Traveling with Girl Scouts offers an experience like no other – girls get to go on adventures with their troop and other Girl Scouts from across the country all while making lifelong friends along the way.

Trips can be local like heading up to the Grand Canyon or go a little further to San Diego, Space Camp in Alabama, and Girl Scout’s founder Juliette Gordon Low’s birthplace – Savannah, Ga. As an older Girl Scout (11+ years old), she can take trips much further and discover different cultures with Girl Scout sisters in places like Peru, Greece, Italy, Ethiopia and Japan.

4. Aviation program

Has she ever thought of flying a plane? Only when she becomes a pilot, right? Nope! At Girl Scouts, girls can take to the skies at our Discover Aviation summer camp session at Camp Willow Springs in Prescott.

Let the Ninety-Nines: International Organization of Women Pilots take her through the steps of airplane maintenance, systems and aerodynamics then fly through the skies with a pilot and one of her best friends.

At Girl Scouts, all her wildest dreams are possible – even flying!

5. Aspire academy

March 10 through March 13 2019. This hands-on resident camp allows girls ages 14 to 18 to participate in a variety of activities which build leadership, self-confidence, and respect through teamwork. The camp is supported by the Girl Scouts, in partnership with Public Safety, Police and Fire/Medical Departments from across the valley.

Need an extra dose of adrenaline in life? When joining Girl Scouts, they can attend Aspire Academy – an intense adrenaline-pumping academy hosted by local female law enforcement and firefighters.

Available to those with this career interest in mind, they can experience training like real paramedics, firefighters and detectives. Girls practice self-defense, firearm handling, CPR and even enter a fire rescue simulation in full gear.

Last but not least, girls get to belay down the side of a building just like our local heroes do to keep our communities safe.

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