Letter to the Editor:

OSR Physical Therapy donates over 35,000 water bottles for ‘goal zero’


ANTHEM – Since its doors opened 17 years ago OSR Physical Therapy’s mind-set of “serving others” has been led by its owners Aaron and Kori Williams.

That mind-set carries over to the quality of care they delivery to their patients through the physical therapy services they provide. But equally as important and intentional is for OSR Physical Therapy to be an agent of change in the communities they serve.

Last year 2018 had a record 181 deaths due to dehydration.  These 181 deaths occurred in our homeless and homebound population. 

This created a heighted sense of urgency for OSR to increase both our water bottle donations and our ability educate those in our spheres of influence to this tragic statistic. The difference between life and death of these lost lives is simply a bottle of water….it’s hard to imagine.

We however are fortunate to have a great number of past patients we call the “OSR Army,” who have responded with donations. OSR educates its clients and community about dehydration and the effects it has on them personally, as well as the impacts on our homeless and homebound community.

Pictured left to right: First Row: Kori Williams OSR’s owner,   Claudia Cucitro  from  St. Mary’s Food Bank, Troy Merckle OSR’s vice president of operation, Karla Martinez OSR’s physician liaison. Second Row: Aaron Williams OSR’s owner, Tyler Williams OSR’s vice president of administration and Scott Foreman OSR’s vice president of public relations.

OSR Physical Therapy also canvased the Valley’s medical offices with monthly newsletters and office visits, informing them of the local need for bottled water. And how OSR donates a case of water for every patient we see over the summer months.

We are only a part of the equation though, our partnership with both Salvation Army and St. Mary’s Food Bank completes the cycle of action.

These two great organizations warehouse and distribute the water to dozens of local groups, many which are faith based and imbedded in the community. They ultimately hand off this life-giving water to the thirsty people across the ever-growing city we call home.

We at OSR have a saying, “Goal – ZERO,” meaning zero deaths due to dehydration. By educating thousands of our physician offices, along with past and current patients, it’s our hopes and prayer that this year, 2019, gets us close to that number zero.”

OSR Physical Therapy was blessed to be able to donate more bottled water in 2019 than last year. The total donated was 35,448 bottles of water going to both the Salvation Army and St. Mary’s Food Bank.

Stay hydrated.