MCSO: Credit card fraud

Credit card skimmers found at Circle K in Anthem, could be more victims outstanding


ANTHEM – Multiple credit card skimmers were found at the Circle K gas station located near Daisy Mountain Drive and the Interstate 17 on July 23, and the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) says there may be more victims.

So far there have been 24 credit card fraud cases reported to MCSO related to the Anthem skimmers, with fraudulent charges reported potentially as early as July 12. Most victims are Anthem residents, according to reports.

“We are uncertain exactly how long the skimmers were operating at the Anthem Circle K,” stated MCSO Sergeant Joaquin Enriquez in an email to The Foothills Focus on August 12. “We have reports that some victims bought gas as early as July 12th and then noticed fraudulent credit card activity days later.”

The skimmers were found on pumps five and seven and were discovered by a repair man that was called out to fix a broken card reader.  He noticed wires connected to the broken reader on pump three were disconnected and the metal housing was damaged, according to MCSO.

Credit card skimmers were found at gas pumps at the Circle K in Anthem located at 39414 N. Daisy Mountain Drive on July 23. MCSO is reminding people to make sure that the security tape (pictured to the left of the card reader) at outside payment terminals has not been tampered or broken when paying at the pump.

“Although no skimmer had been placed in pump 3, the damage to it was consistent with someone attempting to place a credit card skimmer in the pump. This prompted him to inspect the remaining pumps at the store,” MCSO stated in a press release on August 9.

That is when he located the skimmers in pumps five and seven, and the authorities were called.

MCSO’s investigation determined that most victims’ stolen cards were used over the first week of August, approximately 11 days after the skimmers were located.

“MCSO detectives believe there are more victims who were affected by this fraud,” MCSO stated.  “MCSO has allocated the necessary resources to this case to ensure we are working with parties involved. We are urging the public to report any suspected fraud.”

Detectives are also looking for any information about suspicious activity at this location that would help MCSO with this case, such as witnessing someone try to gain access into the gas pump.

MCSO recommends that anyone who recently used the Circle K gas station, at 39414 N. Daisy Mountain Drive should check their credit card/debit card statements for any unauthorized purchases.

If you believe you are a victim of the Anthem credit card skimmers call the MCSO non-emergency line at 602-876-1011 and reference the case. If you believe you have any information regarding this case call 602-876-TIPS.