Walmart’s grand reopening

Anthem Walmart gets grand reopening and new electric vehicle charging stations


ANTHEM – Walmart’s newest electric vehicle charging station in Arizona was installed at the Anthem store as part of its grand reopening on July 5. The remodeled store also has a new state-of-the-art electronics department with interactive displays, upgraded pharmacy and an expanded fresh food department.

“Our store has had a complete makeover and we are ready to show it off to our customers. This was an extensive remodel from top to bottom and with our new charging stations, shopping will be easier and more convenient than ever,” said store manager Rachel Ruiz. 

The electronics department is just one of the many improvements at the newly renovated Walmart in Anthem. (Photos courtesy of Walmart)

Four electric vehicle (EV) charging locations are now available in front of the garden center in isle 11 at the Anthem Walmart. The chargers are the fastest available on the market, capable of charging 20 miles a minute, and will be available 24 hours a day, according a Walmart spokesperson.

What the electric vehicle charging stations look like at Walmart, which is partnering with Electrify America to provide the fastest chargers on the market at its stores nationwide.

“Many of our Walmart associates and customers are EV drivers so providing access to these stations is the right thing to do for our customers, our business and the environment,” Mark Vanderhelm, vice president of energy for Walmart Inc. said.

The Anthem store is one of only three available charging stations installed by Walmart in the state. The other two stations in Arizona are located in Benson and Buckeye.

The chargers have touchscreens that are simple to use. Customers can use the Electrify America app to receive text message notifications, so they can conveniently shop while charging their vehicle.

The retailer says nearly every EV model on the road will be able to use Walmart’s charging stations because it offers CCS connectors and CHAdeMO chargers.

In collaboration with Electrify America, Walmart plans on installing 120 electric vehicle (EV) charging stations nationwide at its stores as a convenience for customers.

“Along with providing our customers with an enhanced shopping experience through added convenience this initiative also allows us to contribute to the expansion and accessibility of our nation’s EV charging station infrastructure,” Vanderhelm said.

Walmart’s director for communications, Tiffany Wilson says that the Anthem store is an important location for the retailer. The company hopes to see growth in the area, which is why it was completely remodeled, including being selected as one of the few EV stations in Arizona.

“Some of the other factors that we are considering when it comes to site locations are things such as, where is the high demand for these services, and how can we use Walmart’s retail footprint to strategically contribute to improving EV charging accessibility throughout the U.S,” Wilson said.

Walmart  expects to be one of the largest retail hosts of EV stations across the United States now that it is collaborating with Electrify America, which is a subsidiary of Volkswagen investing $2 billion for EV infrastructure in next 10 years.

Walmart announced on June 6, that the first 120 Walmart sites with Electrify America chargers are located across 34 U.S. states, strategically located off major highways, with dozens more chargers planned for major metro areas.

“ EV charging station placement along many of these routes allow for EV drivers the option to solely recharge at Walmart stores during their travels,” stated a Walmart press release.

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