Painted helmets by local ‘moto-artist’

Local ‘moto-artist’ introduces custom, hand-painted motorcycle helmets that helps make riders easier to see

PHOENIX – Sara Altieri, Phoenix designer and artist is creating a new hot trend in motorcycle gear, hand painted motorcycle helmets. The owner of Green Heart Gallery, and self-proclaimed “moto-artist,” has created nearly 50 customized helmets to date.

Altieri says that in addition to creating a certain feel for each rider, the colorful and prominent designs also call attention to the rider, which adds an extra safety factor. She also serves as an advisory board member for Arizona Safety & Awareness Foundation.

“Many people don’t wear helmets because they don’t think they’re cool,” said Altieri. “With my helmet paintings, I create meaningful designs for people not only to give their helmet a unique look with a special, personalized meaning, but also perhaps it will encourage people to wear a helmet.”

She uses pointillism to create the helmets, which is a method of creating an image out of tiny dots, which then become visually blended.”

Typically, Altieri creates designs that hold highly significant meaning to the helmet owners. Painting designs that commemorate dates of service of a retired firefighter, to a puzzle-piece design for a mother who wanted to share her pride for her autistic son.

She describes the designs as “tattoos for your helmet,” and this has become helpful when motorcyclists are deciding on what designs they would like on their helmets.

A custom, hand-painted helmet from local artist Sara Altieri.

Altieri began painting helmets when a friend had asked if she would paint something on his helmet. A bit reluctant, knowing that manipulating helmets was not advised, she experimented with different mediums and techniques until she found one that is both unique and safe.

Altieri says arrangements can be made locally for pick-up or helmets can be shipped. Typically it takes two weeks, after completion, the helmets are returned or shipped back to the owner.

Pictured: Altieri.

The creations can be painted on gloss or matte finish, any color and any style, including half, three-quarter or full-face helmets. Any color helmets are acceptable.

To learn more, email: or visit her social media pages on Facebook and Instagram. Or visit