Bringing creativity home



“The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off your soul,” Picasso once wrote.

The paintings of local artist Yvette St. Amant move the dust from our lives away to the corners to reveal spectacular and dazzling simplicity that brightens any environment in which they are present.

Yvette grew-up on the North Shore of Lake Superior in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. She credits her parents with her first support and inspiration into a creative life. 

Both worked in the field of public health, her mother a nurse and father a health educator. They loved the arts and often took on projects to create pieces for themselves. 

As a result, Yvette found a variety of tools and materials to explore her own creative musings.  

Yvette went on to complete her Bachelor’s degree in fine arts at Lakehead University in Ontario, finishing in 1997.  Soon after she packed a duffle bag and moved “out west” to Vancouver, British Columbia. 

In Vancouver she explored and expanded her artistic pursuits in developing her professional art career.Yvette began her professional career, in 2000, as a photographer, logo and illustration designer. 

By 2012 this work evolved into collaboration with a publisher and Canadian Art Prints developing her visual work into home décor items and art prints, which have become popular worldwide. 

Yvette has been teaching art since graduating from the university for various galleries and arts organizations in both Canada and the U.S. 

In June of 2017 she founded a global organization AG Artisans Guild with co-founder Robyn McClendon.  The organization helps artists gain global recognition through the publication of Guildzine, sold on Amazon.

Yvette works from her home studio in Surprise, Ariz., where she can be available for her growing children while expanding her fine art and home décor business.  Her work is published on a quarterly basis and can be viewed on  

Yvette loves the sunshine and finds the environment of the Southwest embodies endless possibilities for subject matter. 

 “I love organic movement and the fluidity of water in line, which influences my florals and ballerinas,” she said.

She admits to a passion for interior design, which motivates her to continually, researching trends, styles and ideas that she can implement into her painted mandalas.

Yvette St. Amant’s original work is on permanent rotation at The Art Department in Scottsdale.  Her art prints are in retailers such as JC Penny Home, Wayfair, Macy’s, Fulcrum Gallery and Houzz to name a few. 

She also has a membership-based program at that focuses on design and mandala art through art journaling.  Yvette provides weekly videos, step-by-step tutorials on a number of design and art techniques, plus free downloadables for the members.  The membership program provides opportunities to participate in a workshop with her every week for a little as five dollars a month.

 “As an artist you have to be willing to grow and explore your creative self,” Yvette says about what she believes.  “I find I get this by working with other artists in collaboration. It’s amazing how you can push yourself in directions you never thought possible just try something new.” 

Yvette is offering a workshop the Bark Art Journal at the Holland Center in North

Scottsdale on April 18, 2019, from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.  Contact the Foothills Community Foundation for more information

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