Buffalo Chip Saloon will be featured on the Cowboy Channel and RFD-TV


CAVE CREEK – The Buffalo Chip Saloon will soon be featured on two different docuseries, “Special Cowboy Moments” on RFD-TV and “Wild Rides” on the Cowboy Channel, both which are primetime shows about preserving Western lifestyles and its history.

The Buffalo Chip episode featured in the docuseries “Wild Rides” will debut on Sunday, March 24, at 7:30 local time, and the “Special Cowboy Moments” episode will debut on Wednesday, April 3, at 7 and 9 p.m. local time.  Each episode will be broadcast to tens of millions of homes and are approximately 30-minutes long, which will feature saloon owner and Cave Creek local Larry Wendt.

Both shows highlight Wendt’s story of overcoming and persevering after an arson-caused fire burnt down the Buffalo Chip to a pile of rubble and ashes on Thanksgiving in 2015.

“I decided that, if someone was going to set fire to the place, they probably didn’t want us around,” Wendt stated in a press release from RFD-TV.

But instead of giving up Wendt decided to rebuild the Buffalo Chip, and with the help of town locals and loyal bar patrons enough money was raised to keep Wendt’s employees on their feet until the bar could be rebuilt.

Today, the Buffalo Chip is still a town staple for “Creekers” and visitors, offering live bull riding events, live music, dancing and other local events every week.  It also hosts a church service every Sunday morning.

“We make them all sinners all week and then turn them around on Sundays,” Wendt said jokingly.

RFD-TV is the fastest growing network in American television and is broadcast into 55 million households nationwide.  The Cowboy Channel is owned by RFD-TV and is broadcast to 30 million households, according to the press release.

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