Local resident voices issues about NRDHCA expanding its board



The following Letter to the Editor was submitted by local resident David Thompson in response to an article in that appeared on the front page of The Foothills Focus in the February 13, 2019, issue.  The article was titled “NRDHCA expanding board to facilitate its new Daisy Mountain Alliance,” and can be found at TheFoothillsFocus.com (https://thefoothillsfocus.com/?p=2693).

NEW RIVER – I will only address two issues of many that primarily revolve around statements by Ed Taylor, the president of the New River Desert Hills Community Association (NRDHCA) regarding bylaws, convenience and the New River Desert Hills incorporation effort.

The problem is with Mr. Taylor’s description of the recent appointment of a new director of the organization and expansion of the board as “convenient.” The article only included one example of NRDHCA violating their own bylaws, however there were several.

In section 4.1 of NRDHCA’s bylaws it is clearly stated that board shall consist of and odd number of 5 to 11 members and are to be elected at a meeting held for that purpose.  “Called for that purpose” means that the meeting must be announced as a meeting that will include increasing the number of directors.

But, how does one get notice of the meeting?

The bylaws address meeting notification to members in Section 3.5, which they didn’t follow at all. There is no provision for the “appointment” of a director by a board motion or vote in any situation except for the resignation of a director.

Hopefully a notification, or at least a chance at one happens in time to prepare for the meeting. This should imply an agenda, but meetings of the NRDHCA Board never have an agenda distributed in time to consider it.

Additionally, the minutes are not published for review. As stated in Section 4.1 of the NRDHCA’s bylaws, board members are elected by majority vote of members present. If you don’t know there’s an election or appointment, you can’t plan to vote.

So, by surprise, NRDHCA overlooked their own bylaws and appointed a new director, and plan to do it again.

When one joins an association there is an implied contract that in return for membership fees the organization will pursue its stated purpose and follow the stated bylaws. Simply put, this did not happen.

Perhaps “convenient” means it would be inconvenient for NRDHCA to obey its own bylaws.

Now, addressing the second issue: the initial membership of the various committees.

For brevity, there was one new director and six new committee members from Desert Hills and New River announced; all but one of them are highly vocal opponents of the incorporation effort, and one has not stated an affiliation.

It appears to me, someone who actually looks at who and what is going on, that the organization NRDHCA is “packing the bleachers” with people firmly against the New River and Desert Hills efforts to incorporate. 

Given the preferential appointments, what impression, other than a stand against incorporation, can be made?

These concerns have not been directly discussed with the NRDHCA because there is no provision in their bylaws for such a discussion. Objections have been made informally, but seemingly fell on deaf ears.

These two issues are not only a violation of the implied contract between the organization and its members, but also a betrayal of the trust that has been placed in the NRDHCA as a neutral community organization.