NRDHCA expanding board to facilitate its new Daisy Mountain Alliance


DESERT HILLS – The New River Desert Hills Community Association (NRDHCA) expanded its Board of Directors, appointing a new director at its January meeting, and intends on appointing another director later this month as part of its latest efforts to expand its impact on the region.

The expansion of NRDHCA’s Board of Directors will help facilitate its newly formed Daisy Mountain Area Action Alliance (DMAAA) and other new committees that were created to help preserve the unique, rural lifestyle of the regional desert foothills communities surrounding Daisy Mountain. 

“NRDHCA wanted more representation and thought it was a good time to expand to have a broader impact and more input focusing on the region at large,” NRDHCA President Ed Taylor said in a phone interview with The Foothills Focus last week about DMAAA and the expanded board.  “There are a lot of issues the area is facing.”

DMAAA will focus on responsible growth, dwindling water supplies, traffic, rezoning requests and public safety issues. 

Although the NRDHCA or DMAAA has no legislative or governing power, it plans on being an action-oriented collaborative effort that will inform the community about important issues. While also working with stakeholders to find beneficial solutions, according to Taylor.

“Things are growing out here and we want to grow with it,” he said of the group’s expansion.

Julie Elliott, who is also a member leading the New River Desert Hills Water group attempting to form a domestic water improvement district (DWID), was appointed to the NRDHCA Board of Directors on January 22.

Her nomination took the board from seven members to eight members, which upset some residents because having an even number of board members is against NRDHCA’s bylaws.

The NRDCHA’s bylaws state that the board must consist of not less than five persons and not more than 11 persons, and that the total number of board members must be an odd number.

“It was just a timing issue,” explained Taylor, who went on to say that NRDHCA intended to appoint two members, but the other person the board wanted to nominate was out of town during the January meeting. “Julie was at the meeting, so it was convenient.”

NRDHCA will nominate John Williams at the next board meeting on February 26, and Taylor anticipates he will be appointed, which will resolve the current issue of having an even number of board members.

“People are going to think what they want to think,” Taylor said, referring to some individuals stating on social media that NRDHCA was operating as a rogue organization with no regard to its own bylaws.

However, a source on background that is involved with NRDHIC claims that the DMAAA was created partly to counteract the recent efforts to incorporate the area into an official municipality.

“We are unaffected by their [DMAAA] actions, this association will be as ineffective as the NRDHCA. This is why we are pursuing incorporation to give our residents a voice and control over their destiny,” the source stated.

Affiliates of NRDHIC say that many members of the DMAAA have been very vocal about their opposition to their incorporation efforts, especially on social media groups.

But Taylor says that is just simply not true, and that NRDHIC is focused only on a small portion of the area DMAAA is actively addressing, which is all the communities surrounding Daisy Mountain. Also, that some comments in question by NRDHIC have been taken out of context.

“The NRDHCA is not for or against the incorporation group,” Taylor stated in an email to The Focus on February 8.  “We support the process that gives all residents the chance to decide for themselves how they want to be governed.”

He went on to say, “NRDHCA is well respected by city, state and county officials and is the current vehicle to help those officials guide the inevitable area growth in a responsible manner.”

NRDHCA and DMAAA invites anyone interested in becoming involved to attend its next meeting on February 26, at 7 p.m. at the Crossroads Church, 42425 N. New River Road. 

For more information about NRDHCA or DMAAA visit or contact Ed Taylor by emailing