Thousands of accidents and fatalities fuel statewide training push

PEORIA – Last year, more than 3,000 motorcyclists were maimed or killed in crashes on Arizona roads. Yet, the number of riders and registrations keeps climbing.

That’s why Arizona Motorcycle Safety and Awareness Foundation (AMSAF) offers discounted motorcycle training to individuals who want and need to improve their skills that will help them stay safe on the road.

“New and experienced riders definitely will benefit from the two-day safety training in every way,” Mick Degn, executive director of AMSAF said. “New riders, or those who haven’t ridden in some time, will learn the laws and how to ride safely for only $100 with the basic rider course.”

statistics show more than 75 percent of motorcycle riders have had no formal training and some do not have a motorcycle license endorsement. The fact is, a lack of proper training is injuring motorcyclists virtually every year, according Degn.

AMSAF, which works closely with the State of Arizona, major healthcare providers, insurance companies, motorcycle businesses and law firms, has hundreds of scholarships available and they are easy to obtain.

“Riders who want to take the basic course 2 with their own machine, and have a permit, can do so for $50 at one of several riding schools in Arizona. It is a win-win for motorcycle riders and will help reduce the number of crashes and fatalities on our roads. Now is the time to move our statistics in a positive direction.”

The goal of AMSAF, a non-profit foundation, is to reduce motorcycle crashes and fatalities in Arizona through education and awareness.

The scholarship program is the only one of its kind in the U.S. The organization provides motorcycle training scholarship assistance to individuals 15-and-a-half-years and older who need training and certification in the State of Arizona.

For more information about the novel motorcycle training scholarships program, call 888-951-3732 or visit AMSAF at or