Carefree Desert Gardens: ‘Legumes: more than just beans!’

CAREFREE – When most people think of legumes, they think of peas and beans. But legumes are so much more than that.


With more than 19,500 species worldwide, legumes are more diverse by any measure than other flowering plant families, and are second in economic and agricultural importance only to the grass family.


Legumes serve as a source of food, fodder, green manure, woods, oils and resins, dyes, medicines and horticultural varieties.


On Saturday, February 9, Carefree Desert Gardens welcomes Dr. Marty Wojciechowski, Associate Professor at Arizona State University, where he specializes in studies of legume evolution and geographic distribution.


Marty will discuss some of the unique aspects of legume biology, their diversity in the Southwest, and their importance in agriculture, horticuture and ecology.


The program, which usually includes a plant raffle, will begin at 9:30 a.m. and run approximately until noon at the Carefree Town Council Chambers at 33 Easy Street and Nonchalant Avenue.


Come early as seating is limited. A $5 (or more) donation is appreciated to support these programs.


For more information call 480-488-3686.