EPCOR interim rates correction – water rates have not yet increased

Photo courtesy of EPCOR
Photo courtesy of EPCOR

The Foothills Focus would like to issue a correction for a story that published in our recent print edition on February 6, 2019, that appeared on the front page titled “Anthem water rates increase as EPCOR files interim rates.”

The article stated that interim water rates for EPCOR customers in Anthem increased on February 1. That is incorrect, interim water rates have not increased yet and will not increase unless it is approved by the Arizona Corporation Commission at a hearing on February 20.

If the commission approves EPCOR’s interim rate of imposing a $2.65 surcharge per thousand gallons of water, then the interim rates could be backdated to be effective February 1.

Also, the article stated that Kristi Northcutt served as the team lead in the EPCOR case, but that was incorrect, and the position was held by Anthem’s Board President Roger Willis. Willis intervened on Anthem’s behalf regarding the ongoing rate case and Northcutt supported Willis’ role.

The Focus apologizes for any confusion this may have caused readers.