All the magic I have known



“All magic I have known, I have had to make myself,” author and poet Shel Silverstein wrote in “Where the Sidewalk Ends.


The same is true in the creations of local artist Marjie Risk. Her sculptures seem to peep through space beckoning the viewer to move in closer with an invitation to play in the land of imagination.


Marjie started her life in a very practical way growing up in the Tempe/Phoenix area. She was always fascinated with Arizona’s environmental diversity and wide variety of natural resources.


This fascination with the natural world would earn her both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in environmental resources from Arizona State University (ASU).


Soon after graduation Marjie began her career in water conservation. Luckily – for us living in the Southwest – she played a major role for over 25 years at the local, state and national level in water conservation.


In 2009, Marjie relocated her expertise in environmental issues to Texas. A little over a year later, after experiencing four life-threatening occurrences within a three-month period, Marjie found herself returning “home” to Arizona.

Marjie decided to rediscover her creative roots, in the rich terra cotta tones of the earth. Using the inspiration of Arizona’s vast color pallet and the rich jewel tones of its natural minerals and stones, she resumed her ceramic and metal creations, which were always a comfort to her.


Strengthened by the encouragement of friends, who suggested she take advantage of her creative side, Marjie turned to her art full-time, but now her focus would be on “sustainable art.”


Actually, it was a concept she had explored extensively since childhood, creating items from found objects.


Today, Marjie, uses her background in natural resources with a keen eye for recycled metals, searching salvage yards for those perfect pieces to repurpose. The results are a variety of whimsical sculptural creatures.


Her pieces combine ceramics, scrap metals, copper and steel with the added interest of natural stones.


Marjie is a member of the Sonoran Arts League, and exhibits locally and nationally.

She is a juried artist for the Foothills Community Foundation’s Sage Market, which takes place on February 2, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Her larger gallery exhibit “Light and Beauty” runs from February 8-21. Both exhibits are located in the Holland Gallery of Fine Art in North Scottsdale.


A wine and chocolate reception will be held February 2, from 4:30-6:30 p.m. in celebration of Valentine’s Day, at the art exhibit and sale as well. For more information visit


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