All I want for Christmas is a reliable water source


NEW RIVER – All Barbara wanted for Christmas this year was a working well for a reliable water source.

Barbara, who did not want us to use her last name, lives in New River and two years ago her well stopped working when her submersible pump went out.

When she tried to replace the pump, she requested that it be placed lower into the well, which was registered at 400-feet-deep on the original paperwork for her home. But the contractors hit an obstruction at 160 feet, halting the replacement of the pump and leaving her well essentially non-operational.

Just this month Barbara was finally able to get the well scoped and uncovered the problem, which was her well cap had been dropped and lodged in the casing causing the blockage.

KP Ventures knocked the obstruction loose allowing them to lower the submersible pump 340-feet-deep, ultimately restoring the well’s functionality again. And making Barbara’s Christmas wish come true.

“It really is all I wanted for Christmas…a reliable water source,” Barbara stated in an email to The Foothills Focus. “I couldn’t be more grateful to our planet for providing it to us.”