Around the Bluhmin’ Town

By Judy Bluhm

The day after Christmas, the cooking is done.
All presents ripped open, the kids having fun.
Dirty dishes are waiting, the house is a mess.
Most people realize, their wallets have less.

Parents are frazzled and just want to sleep,
But cell phones and devices constantly beep.
The theme of the day is, “We Did Too Much,”
Shopping, spending, eating and such.

Grandmas and grandpas went home to rest.
The “day after” quiet is what they like best.
Kids everywhere are playing with toys.
Girls with their dollies, trucks for the boys.

Teenagers thrill to a new video game,
Some posting photos – hoping for fame.
Kids of all ages got brand new smart phones.
Even doggies got gifts, like big chewy bones.

Christmas may be over, but the shopping’s not done.
Spending those gift cards is plenty of fun.
Christmas 2018 is now in the past.
The memories and joy are what makes it last.

Rest up! Another Holiday is near!
A party is waiting to bring in the New Year.
Oh Holy Night has come and it went.
May this Holiday week be heavenly sent.

Judy Bluhm is a writer and a local realtor. Have a story or a comment? Email Judy at