Those that capture your heart



“Certain things catch your eye,

but pursue only those that capture your heart.”

~ Native American Proverb


The ancestral roots of the Blackfoot/San Carlos Apache run deep through the creative influences of local mixed-media artist Peggy Juneau’s work.


Originally, Peggy called Los Angeles, Calif., home as she worked for 30 years in the fashion industry with the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM).

Eventually the whispering winds and the vast amber sunset skies of the Arizona desert lured Peggy to a new home and rejuvenated her creative imagination.


Peggy specializes in Native themed mixed-media art, from everyday Pueblo activity to grand seasonal celebrations, her use of bold, brilliant color highlights the endless moods of our Sonoran Desert and achieves the spirit of native life. Her compositions continually challenge the viewer to set aside any preconceived notions of traditional Native American creative expression.


Although her compositions are firmly rooted in reverence for the natural world and in honor of ancient traditions, Peggy brings an updated and contemporary twist in her use and combination of mediums.

She incorporates her own photographs, feathers, natural bits of nature, in the form of branches, leaves, bark, leather and flowers, accenting her work with pastel and acrylic.


Her pieces such as the “San Carlos Apache Tribe’s Sunrise Dance Ceremony,” or her tribute to our “Navajo Code Talkers,” and her piece “Water is Life,” are all examples of Peggy’s work addressing and giving tribute to the large influences that support our life in the human realm.


“I love to create and re-interpret Native themes within my art, examples might be what it means to be a strong Native Woman and the importance of Native ceremonies to maintain a connection to our Mother Nature,” Peggy says about how reflection and introspection are constant elements of her creative process.


Peggy exhibits at The Holland Gallery in Scottsdale, West Valley Art Gallery, WHAM and the Avondale City Hall. To obtain more information on Peggy Juneau’s work and exhibit schedule, contact her by email at


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