The art of styling




“The only way to achieve the impossible is to believe in the possible,” Alice in “Through The Looking Glass.”


Yes, all things are possible in the world of local stylist Rosie Anderson, owner of Tame Studio and Boutique in Cave Creek. Growing up in Warwick, New York, Rosie was fascinated with the creative people around her.


Seamstresses that could make any conceivable fashion imagined, or turn your ordinary jacket into a spectacular piece of wearable art. Another, a carpenter and furniture maker that crafted durable, fashionable furniture from oak, maple or cherry woods creating heirloom pieces that were handed down through generations.

Others styled hair and created beautiful make-up for special occasions and made each of their clients feel like Cinderella. The latter was where young Rosie set her sights.


Rosie began her styling career in New York with the “most incredible” stylist who

she describes as quite stern about her students following her protocols, or perfection and enduring creative effort.


Rosie soon felt she was ready to strike out on her own which meant escaping the freezing winters and gray skies of New York state, so Arizona was the winner for her residency. Upon arriving in her new home Rosie began work at Sonoran Beauty Salon housed in the Spa on the Rancho Manana property in Cave Creek.


Soon she became their top stylist and eventually owner of the Salon that she renamed Tame Design. Today, Tame Studio and Boutique is located at 6501 E. Cave Creek Road in Cave Creek, Ariz.


Yes, the stylists at Tame Studio operate by the mantra of “making the impossible, possible.” Be it a magnificent haircut, color and style, lustrous manicures and pedicures, or relaxing facials.


They have their entire beauty client’s wishes covered right down to the boutique where they can purchase a new eye-catching handbag, sexy top, sleek leggings or sparkling scarf and more.


The art of razzle dazzle, sparkle and twinkle, excitement and surprise are definitely part of the experience and quality service you will experience as a client with Tame Studio. Visit their website at for more information or call 480-595-1700 to book your holiday appointment.

In the meantime, “In the garden of memory, in the place of dreams, that is where you and I shall meet,” recites Alice as she slips “Through the Looking Glass” into her next adventure.


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