Enchanting images of lasting memories

Galaxie Andrews working with clients. (Photo courtesy of Galaxie Andrews)

By: Shea Stanfield

“I grew up at the foot of a 12th century castle, in a village in France,” is the first line in local artist, Galaxie Andrews’, artist biography. To say that she expresses language and visual images in stunning, captivating, and intriguing way is an understatement of her enormous talent for creating relationship foundations in her images of the world.


Raised by an American father and a French mother, Galaxie grew up with a sense of the importance of impeccable expression and artistic vision. Weekend bike rides through the countryside, across poppy fields and down misty forest roads, she and friends would play hide and seek among the catacombs of medieval castles; peering out behind the ancient stone walls built by the Roman legions.


The landscapes of Normandy still live today in her photographer’s mind. Galaxie discovered the concept “depth of field” at an early age. She describes staring at black and white perfume ads pinned to her friend’s bedroom wall and being fascinated with the use of light, shadow and its impact on shape and form. She realized that through art, photographers could create the world as a dream.


When Galaxie was 15, her family moved to the United States. Here she found, “in this land of freedom that embraces creativity and dreams of all shapes and sizes,” a French community.


She was introduced to professional photographer, Michel Sarda, who took her on as an apprentice. This was the first time Galaxie had the opportunity to operate professional photography equipment.


Over the ensuring years she would enter art shows, refine her vision, evolving her concept of catching the “human connection.” Galaxie developed a unique technique to prompt the natural chemistry between humans and creating “storytelling images” that were inspired by their relationship.


Galaxie prefers to work in stunning natural landscapes, because it sets the stage forher to invite her clients into a state of mindfulness and connection, where genuine and organic moments can happen. The dramatic backdrops enhance the sensory experience of the couple or family while contributing soul and aesthetic beauty to the final image.


The result is stunning timeless masterpieces of treasured moments and memories.


View the collections of Galaxie Andrews’s images and contact her by visiting galaxieandrews.com. and capture your moments in a story of enchanting and unforgettable images.

A photograph by Galaxie Andrews.


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