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AZGFD Outdoor Expo set for March 25-26
PHOENIX – Don’t miss Arizona’s largest hands-on outdoor expo, set for March 25-26, at the Ben Avery Shooting Facility, in north Phoenix.

Cave Creek Rodeo Days starting March 25
CAVE CREEK – Saddle up for the 40th Anniversary Cave Creek Rodeo Days! The fun starts Saturday, March 25 and runs through Sunday, April 2.

DMFD breaks ground on new administration building
ANTHEM – The Daisy Mountain Fire Department broke ground on a new administrative building in Anthem at a ceremony on March 16.

‘Art in the Garden’ to be held in Carefree
CAREFREE – Enjoy a morning of free family art activities at the Carefree Desert Gardens on Saturday, April 8.

Simply Bold and Beautiful
Whether you are singing and dancing to blueberry hills, strawberry fields, or peppermint skies, you will appreciate the fun and whimsical pastel creations of local artist Jenny Willigrod.

Saguaro Chapter SAR hosts Soldier’s Best Friend
PEORIA – The Sons of the American Revolution Saguaro Chapter recently hosted representatives from Soldier’s Best Friend.

Sheriff Mascher to continue chairmanship of Peace Officer Standards and Training Board
YAVAPAI COUNTY – Recently, Governor Doug Ducey extended Yavapai County Sheriff Scott Mascher’s appointment as Chairman of the Arizona Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) Board for an additional three years. The term will run to October of 2019.

AZGFD accepting applications for desert tortoise adoptions
PHOENIX – Nearly 100 desert tortoises will soon awaken from their winter slumber and the Arizona Game and Fish Tortoise Adoption program will be once again be looking for good adoptive homes.

Business Spotlight: VIP Mortgage – Kilstrom Team
ANTHEM – In the market for a new home? Thinking about refinancing? Get advice from the VIP Mortgage, Inc. Kilstrom Team.

Around the Bluhmin’ Town
It’s not impossible! Sadly, it is just unlikely. I am talking about March Madness, of course, and the chances of filling out a perfect bracket. Yes, it’s that time of year again, when the NCAA tournaments send millions of fans into a synchronized frenzy each year when 67 teams are vying for college basket ball’s biggest prize.

Homicide, robbery suspect dead after officer-involved shooting
PHOENIX – A crime spree with multiple victims ended on the afternoon of March 15 when Phoenix Police officers used an unmarked police car to stop the driver of a stolen vehicle at North Valley Pkwy.

Community Action Officer offers reminder on proper use of State Trust Lands
Being an Arizona native, (yes there are some of us out there); I was raised in and enjoy the openness of the lands of our wonderful state. Even though I grew up in the city, I had many opportunities to go out and enjoy the many recreational activities of the Arizona desert.

Report: Arizonans drove almost 67 billion miles in 2016
PHOENIX – Drivers covered nearly 67 billion miles on Arizona roads in 2016, the state’s fifth consecutive annual increase, according to a Federal Highway Administration estimate.

Arizona bill would allow schools to stock and administer asthma medication
PHOENIX – Arizona’s asthmatic children might breathe easier this fall if legislation shielding public and charter schools from lawsuits for dispensing aid without parental consent becomes law.


Boulder Creek volleyball team continues to aim high
ANTHEM – Boulder Creek High School’s varsity women’s volleyball team was beat by Mountain Pointe High School on Sept. 13 after a defeating 3-0 loss.

Jags varsity team wins first home game of the season
ANTHEM – The Boulder Creek High School varsity football team beat Liberty 14-10 in last week’s home game.

2016 BC Frosh Football Schedule

2016 BC JV Football Schedule

2016 BC Varsity Football Schedule

Jags football season kicks off with first varsity game this Friday
ANTHEM – Friday night football starts up again this Friday, Aug. 19, with the Boulder Creek High School varsity team at an away game at Hamilton, starting at 7 p.m.

D-backs pitchers against possible limiting of relief pitching
PHOENIX – When Major League Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred said in July that the league is talking about limiting the use of relief pitchers because they can “rob action” from the game, he didn’t make any new friends in the Arizona Diamondbacks bullpen.



Movie Review — “Beauty and the Beast
“Tale as old as time”. In 1946, French artist, playwright, and filmmaker Jean Cocteau brought a classic of storytelling to stunning, visionary life. “Beauty and the Beast” has since been retold and reimagined, though it wasn’t until 1991 that a film would come close to matching the magical quality of Cocteau’s film. Disney animation crafted a children’s musical that would become a beloved staple for a generation of young people.

Movie Review — “Kong
Kong is king!! And since 1939, Kong has been one of the iconic movie monsters. Nearly 80 years, which included numerous films, and the giant ape has gone from a stop-motion puppet to a spectacle of computer-generated effects.

Movie Review — “A Cure for Wellness
Director Gore Verbinski has crafted quite an interesting career. After striking genre gold with the remake of the Japanese horror film “Ringu”, orchestrating one of Disney’s most successful franchises with “Pirates of the Caribbean”, and continuing collaboration with Johnny Depp on the animated film “Rango” and the reboot of “The Lone Ranger, it seems like Verbinski is poised to do whatever he wants to do with his next film.

Movie Review — “John Wick: Chapter 2
The modern action film, with all the digital flash and flair, gunfire and explosions, isn’t much different from the action films of the past. Look all the way back to the classic western film and you’ll see that the themes are all very similar. How many times has the lone-hero-seeking-revenge been done?

Movie Review — “Split
M. Night Shyamalan is on a career upswing, and “Split” is somewhat of a return to an earlier form for the director of the standout fright film “The Sixth Sense” and the superhero influenced “Unbreakable”. Shyamalan was, and still is, unfortunately type casted as a director known for surprising, shocking twist endings.

Movie Review — “Paterson
The late, great Leonard Cohen once said, “Poetry is the evidence of life. If your life is burning well, poetry is just the ash”. Cohen is one of the great poets, both in music and literature. If there were a list of great poets in filmmaking, Jim Jarmsuch would be near the top of the list.

Movie Review — “Silence
What does it mean to have faith? This question means something different to every person and is categorized and signified by numerous factors beyond the simple aspect of religious designation.


Movie Review — “Fences
I know someone who I would consider a great talker. They can tell stories with such flare and emotion that it feels like you are in that exact moment. They can inspire a group of people with meaningful and honest messages of encouragement.

Movie Review — “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
It’s only been five years since the last Harry Potter film was in theaters. Talk to any Potter fan and it might as well be a lifetime.

Movie Review — “Arrival
“E.T.”, “Independence Day”, “The War of the Worlds”, “The Day the Earth Stood Still”, “First Encounter of the Third Kind”; these are all films that have portrayed contact with alien beings from outer space in different ways.

Movie Review — “Doctor Strange
What makes a good superhero? The kind of powers they possess? The kind of origin story they have? Perhaps how cool they look in their costume?

Movie Review — “Birth of a Nation
It’s been 150 years since the abolishment of slavery. Take a quick look at the headlines populating social media feeds or the top story on the nightly news, and it doesn’t take much to realize that society still has a long way to go. Racism, discrimination, intolerance: these are words that have taken political precedent just a month out of an election for our nation.

Movie Review — “Queen of Katwe
For a few years as a teenager, I played chess almost every day. I read books, studied strategy, and tried to play different people as often as I could. Chess was a fun game but also a way to help me focus on being patient and also brought an understanding of what motivated people.

Movie Review — “The Magnificent Seven
In 1960, veteran director John Sturges was tasked with taking some of the most recognizable actors in Hollywood and collaborating on an updated remake of an Akira Kurosawa film called “Seven Samurai”. That film would become the classic western “The Magnificent Seven”.

Movie Review — “Blair Witch
It’s not too often that you get a film that changes the landscape of possibilities for a genre. “The Blair Witch Project” had that effect on horror.

Movie Review — “Sully
The summer saw its fair amount of superheroes. Viewers watched extraordinary mutants fighting an ancient enemy in “X-Men: Apocalypse”, they were introduced to a group bad guys with amazing skills fighting a threat to the world in “Suicide Squad”, and they even saw the return of super agent Jason Bourne again performing acts that would get any normal human seriously injured.

Movie Review — “Hands of Stone
Ask any true boxing fan to list their top ten greatest boxers of all time and it's a safe bet that Roberto Durán will end up on many of the lists. Roberto Durán Samaniego is Panamanian icon, a symbol at one point during his professional boxing career of freedom for the people.

Movie Review — “Hell or High Water
I have two younger brothers. From the outside, one might watch the antics of three grown siblings insulting each other and describe the behavior as dysfunctional, and with the type of cringe-inducing comments that we would make, it would be very easy.

Movie Review — “Suicide Squad
It’s fun to cheer for the bad guy. Don’t get me wrong, watching Spider-Man swing into action to fight Doc Ock or reading about The Green Lantern meeting archenemy Sinestro always makes it fun to have a hero to cheer behind.

Movie Review — “Star Trek: Beyond
“Space, the final frontier”. Gene Roddenberry’s contribution to science fiction in the form of “Star Trek” made a cultural impact that has spawned numerous television shows, film adaptations, conventions, and undoubtedly some of the most loyal fans of any genre property.

Movie Review — “Ghostbusters
“Awful”. “Terrible”. “Disappointed”. These were the overwhelming sentiments from social media and entertainment sites concerning the trailer for the rebooted “Ghostbusters” film well before it was set to arrive in theaters.

Movie Review — “The Purge: Election Year
Turn to any television network over the next few months and the height for political dissension in America will be at its most aggressive levels.