Firework display at Frontier Town (4th on the 1st)

Dear Editor:

I wanted to take a minute to address the lovely firework display featured at Frontier Town as last year it really fizzled but this year it really popped. We were truly blessed with not one but two grand finales and tons of high rockets and pops.  I was a little disappointed though as last year we saw the most beautiful pink heart which was missing from this display but the grand finale of red-white-and-blue was spectacular.

On a personal note much love to security who thought I was under 21 and really for $25 we had a few drinks, food and my son got a battery operated spinner. I also felt the band was pretty good with the addition of free mechanical bull rides in the hands of a great operator.  Also to the lady who got the last $2 hotdog two people ahead I sure do wish I would have pushed you out of the way ha ha.

So for those of you who missed it you really missed it. I hope everyone had a great 4th of July and hope this event happens next year for my family and community to enjoy.

Cave Creek