Business Spotlight: Twin Tails Cageless Grooming salon now open in north Phoenix

PHOENIX – If going to the groomer tends to be a bit “hair-raising” for your dog, now there’s a new option for the doggy salon experience. Twin Tails Cageless Grooming, located at 2805 W. Carefree Hwy., opened on Oct. 12. This salon utilizes one-on-one time with each dog, and each pet is attended to as soon as they come in, so the dogs don’t have to wait.

Jamie Matson, who owns the Cageless Grooming salons with her husband Bill, describes the Cageless Grooming experience as similar to a ‘human’ hair salon.

“We only groom ONE pet at a time per groomer, unlike other traditional salons that have many pets arrive and then place them in a cage until their groomer is ready for them,” Matson said. “Our salons do NOT have any cages and your pets will NEVER be placed in a cage for drying or waiting.”

“Our grooming salons are “cage-less” but not “leash free”,” Matson explained. “Pets are never allowed to roam around the salon or co-mingle with other pets. Every pet is secure and in the hands of a staff member at all times. Your pet will receive one-on-one care and attention the entire time they are with us.”

Salon tours are encouraged, and the salon is open-concept, allowing pet owners to view the grooming process. Owners can speak directly to groomers to share what clip they want for their pet, and most pets are finished and ready to go home in 1-2 hours.

Matson noted that pets at the salon “enjoy this innovative, non-traditional grooming experience” and that the focus is on the care of each individual pet, not just getting the grooming done.

“Pets behave differently when they are calm and comfortable – at Cageless Grooming you will see many pets being groomed at the same time without a single bark,” Matson said. “The atmosphere we provide allows pets to feel at peace and actually enjoy their grooming time.”

Matson was formerly a mobile groomer; now she works to bring that same one-on-one interaction between groomer and pet to the salon. She’s opening a second salon in north Glendale in December, furthering the Cageless Grooming ideals.

“I feel that the one on one interaction with the pets makes all the difference and allows the grooming experience be stress-free and enjoyable. Without the use of cages, it’s just the groomer and pet in a calm environment,” Matson said. “My husband and I brought this exact concept to the store front and opened up Cageless Grooming, so that everyone can experience how peaceful and calming grooming can be.”

Matson said clients appreciate the salon’s attention to detail and extraordinary customer service.

“We are a "tail above the rest" because we pay attention to your needs, your concerns, and we care about your grooming experience!” Matson said.

Cageless Grooming is located at 2805 W. Carefree Hwy, Suite 113, in north Phoenix. Learn more at or call (602) 900-9995.