Complaints about overnight parking at New River gas station heard by County


NEW RIVER – The Shell gas station located near Interstate 17 in New River was issued a “notice and order to comply” earlier this month, by the Maricopa County Planning and Development Department’s Code Compliance Division regarding unpermitted overnight parking.

The county received several citizen complaints about commercial semi-trucks parking overnight at the gas station, which is not permitted. The county followed-up with the complaints by conducting an early morning inspection on October 9.

Paul McNeil of the county code compliance office verified that two trucks were parked on the property during the inspection on the ninth. A notice to the property owner to correct the violation was mailed by the county the same day.

“Planning and Development informed the property owner of the potential violation of the restriction on overnight parking,” stated Maricopa County Communication Director, Fields Moseley, in an email to The Foothills Focus.

Since meeting with the county, the property owners have posted three “no overnight parking” signs at the gas station, and an additional sign on the door. The case in now closed, according to Mosely.

The fines that could be have been imposed for such a violation can cost up to $750 a day if found responsible by a hearing officer.

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