DMFM reaches out to the community for Drowning Impact Awareness Month


ANTHEM – Daisy Mountain Fire and Medical (DMFM) was at the Anthem Community Pool on the afternoon of August 9 spreading the word about Drowning Impact Awareness Month and teaching the community about the crucial ABC’s of water safety.


DMFM was present all day at the pool, giving out plastic fire helmets to children while informing parents about drowning dangers that are present in homes beyond pools such as buckets, puddles, toilets and fountains. Everyday dangers are why the firefighters want everyone to know the water ABC’s, which are adult supervision, barriers and classes or CPR training.


“The most important thing is drownings are preventable,” said Paul Schickel a spokesman for DMFM who was at the Anthem pool last weekend. “The impact for families is long-term and it affects our firefighters too.”


This year DMFM has not had a single drowning fatality in their dispatch area, which is a big win for the community. In the last few years fatal drownings in Maricopa County had decreased slightly, with 117 incidents last year compared to 102 incidents this year.


“We think of this as a problem with children, but that’s not necessarily true,” he said, while noting that this year there has been 29 drowning fatalities in the county, but only 9 of those were children.


That is why DMFM emphasizes CPR classes, or the “C” in the water safety ABC’s, so an individuals can be prepared for a drowning incident no matter where or what age the victim may be. Shickel encourages residents to take other classes as well such as swimming lessons or even babysitting classes all which in aide in drowning prevention.


Residents in the community may notice DMFM staff wearing purple ribbons during August, which represents Drowning Impact Awareness Month. DMFM will also be offering a free CPR class on August 16 at station 141 in New River (registration is required).


There will be an additional meet and greet with DMFM at the Anthem Walmart on August 25 and firefighters will be available to answer questions about water safety.


To register of the CPR class or to find out more information about DMFM’s public outreach program’s visit

ABC’s of Water Safety

  • A is for Adult Supervision: A designated “Water Watcher” adult must watch swimmers with their eyes and not be doing anything else!
  • B is for Barriers: A locked fence around a pool or a closed lid on a toilet or a closed door leading to the bathroom.
  • C is for Classes: Take a class so you are better prepared and know what to do in case of an emergency. Swim Lessons, CPR training, and Babysitter training are all great classes.




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