Carefree’s primary elections underway, early ballots mailed


CAREFREE – The early ballots for the Carefree Primary Elections were mailed out this week to voters registered in the town, and the elections will be held on August 28 at the Town Council Center on 33 Easy Street.

There will be early election opportunities August 20-24 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Town Council Center, which is one block east of the Carefree Town Hall and the Sundial. A ballot drop box will also be available for completed mail-in ballots only from now until August 28, during normal business hours at the Carefree Town Hall located at 8 Sundial Circle.

There are six town council seats and a seat for the mayor on the Carefree primary municipal ballot.

Running for mayor is the incumbent candidate Mayor Les Peterson, who is being challenged by Councilman Mike Farrar.

Farrar has served two terms as a councilman in Carefree and is now seeking a new leadership role as the town’s mayor.

Peterson has served the town as a councilman since 2013, before becoming the mayor in 2015 ( Farrar has served on the Carefree Town Council for seven years (

There are six candidates running for six seats on the town council. If at least six candidates receive a majority of the votes at the primary, they will be declared elected on the date of the general elections and no general election is required.

The incumbents running for re-election are: John Crane, Gene Orrico, Michael Krahe, Cheryl Kroyer and Stephen Hatcher.

Vince D’Aliesio is running as a new candidate and would replace the seat vacated by Farrar if he is elected by voters.

Pictured: Councilman Michael Farrar, who challenging Les Peterson for the mayoral seat. Photo courtesy of the Town of Carefree
Pictured: Councilman Michael Farrar, who challenging Les Peterson for the mayoral seat.
Photo courtesy of the Town of Carefree

“I endorse Vince, and I recommend you to join me in voting for him,” stated Peterson in an email endorsing Carefree candidates last week. “I believe he will be a future leader of Carefree.”

Mayor Peterson only endorsed four out of five incumbent running for re-election, which were: Cheryl Kroyer, John Crane, Michael Krahe and Stephen Hatcher. He did not mention why he did not endorse Orrico in the email.

“Over this current election term, I have been extremely fortunate to have some absolutely outstanding people to help me as Mayor move the Town’s business forward,” he said.

The Carefree General Elections will be held on November 6, and the deadline to register is October 9. Residents can register online at

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