Where the story begins

Shea Stanfield

It has been said that “clay is where the story begins.”


Yes, since the beginning of civilization the medium of clay has helped humans move forward in their evolution around food storage, cooking, and joining together in supportive community. Local ceramist, Jill Roig, has developed methods of taking not only clay, but a combination of it with fused glass and crystals to the next level of utilitarian and spiritual consciousness.


Jill grew up in a nurturing place of our early American culture, Philadelphia, Penn. Jill grew-up surrounded by the “can do” attitude of our Founders and the influence of an ever-expansive vision. This translates into Jill’s determination to expand her ceramic creativity and at the same time challenging our concept of what we think ceramics are.

Pictured:  Jill Roig in the studio.
Pictured: Jill Roig in the studio.

“I am fascinated in the beautiful and endless patterns found in nature. What seems random at first glance is actually well ordered over the big picture,” she says while explaining that her inspiration comes from both the natural and spiritual worlds.


Jill utilizes her collective observations in both the natural and spiritual realms and translates them in to what she calls “eco-friendly, earth art.”


Jill attended Pennsylvania State University in State College, Penn. She received her Bachelor’s in Communications and began working in corporate marketing after graduation. She made a name for herself developing campaigns for clients such as Bristol Myers-Squibb, Galxo-Smith-Kline, Aetna, and Blue Cross Blue Shield.


In 2007, Jill travelled to Sedona and was “absolutely mesmerized by Cathedral Rock and the magnificent red cliffs beyond, hugging the horizon.” The experience would be a life changer.


Today, Jill maintains a studio at Mesa Art Center where she has room to think, reflect, create and store her “in process” pieces. When asked to identify her style Jill describes her work as “Contemporary, abstract, and inspired.”


Her trademark technique of glass infused clay has evolved constantly, through trial and error, over the last seven years producing the most visually captivating ceramic pieces.


Jill actively participates in shows throughout the United States and locally; including the Shemer Art Center and Museum’s “Reflections of Arizona” exhibition, and Art Link Phoenix’s seventeenth annual Juried Exhibition at Heard Museum. Her work in black clay, glass, and crystals is particularly popular for their distinctive and dramatic style.

Currently, Jill is exhibiting in downtown Tempe on the Arizona State University campus, and at the Grotto Gallery in F.A.B.R.I.C. The exhibit “Hope Springs Eternal” features nine local Arizona artists and runs through June 21st. The community is invited to the Demo-at-the-Grotto on Friday, June 15, from 4 – 7 p.m.


To view and purchase Jill Roig’s innovative and inspirational designs visit her online store at etsy.com/shop/PotteryDesign/Studio or contact Jill at JillRoig@gmail.com. Her fall 2018 collection “Manifestation Bowls” will be out soon and she is looking forward to introducing them to both return and new collectors.


In the meantime, “May your hands be full of clay and your hearts be full of imagination.”


Contact Arts Columnist, Shea Stanfield, on flowingquill@yahoo.com.

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