Take a sip of Herstory: Greenwood Brewing available at Norterra Pita Jungle

Tara Alatorre


NORTERRA – In the craft brewing world the unfortunate prevailing stereotype that has emerged of a typical beer scenester is a man, with a beard. Maybe he is wearing a flannel while bragging to his bros that he won’t even drink a beer unless he can’t see through it.

Photo courtesy of Greenwood Brewing
Photo courtesy of Greenwood Brewing

However, in reality craft brewing is an exploding national market that is attracting new customers from all genders and backgrounds, and according to the national Brewers Association, currently in Arizona there are almost two breweries per capita. So, in an effort to break that homogenous stereotype Greenwood Brewing, a female-owned and female-brewed microbrewery in the North Valley, is trying to make its mark in beer “herstory.”

“My whole goal is to get more woman into craft beer,” said Megan Greenwood, the founder and brewer. “Women are not well represented in the industry and I want to be the brand that empowers women.”

Herstory Brew is Greenwood Brewing’s flagship beer, which is a light, crisp and easy drinking pale ale that is about 5.5 percent alcohol by volume, it is lightly hopped but low on the bitter scale coming in at about 30 international bitter units or IBUs (lagers are range from 10-20 IBUs).

“It is more of an avenue to a really great conversation,” she said.

This crushable pale ale is more than a thirst quencher for the hot summer months, Herstory Brew is also a celebration of women and a nod to the women in the brewing industry. Greenwood Brewing is inviting beer drinkers to share “herstory,” by nominating a woman for their Herstory Spotlight, which honors remarkable woman, and will be highlighted monthly on the brewery’s social media pages and blog.

“As a woman-owned brewing company, we believe in celebrating women who make a difference in our world,” stated the Greenwood Brewing’s website. “From local artists to international empire builders, our Herstory Spotlight honors one remarkable trailblazing woman for her greatness.”

Eventually Greenwood hopes to incorporate the Herstory Spotlights onto its beer labels, so the brewery can share women’s stories with its customers.

In the meantime, she is busy trying to secure a space in downtown Phoenix, so she can finally get her own brew space – she currently brews at different breweries around the Valley. If everything goes according to plan Greenwood will grow what started as a garage hobby to a full-blown microbrewery operation by the end of this year.

But until then, try Herstory Brew at Pita Jungle and Original Gravity at Norterra at 2530 W. Happy Valley Road.

Visit www.greenwoodbrews.com to nominate a Herstory Spotlight or to find other locations that carry Greenwood Brewing beers.



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