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Judy Bluhm

To flip or flop? That is the question. No, Dear Readers, I am not talking about house flipping. I am talking about those flimsy sandals that we like to wear in the summer.

Sadly, these evil little shoes are causing quite a commotion, in my life, and in many others. Warning: they are very dangerous!

I was shopping with my granddaughter at Kohl’s, looking for summer frocks and things. I noticed she was wearing tennis shoes and asked her if she wanted to get a pair of thongs. Instead of answering me, she just looked at me with a rather odd expression.

Then I went on to say, “I love wearing thongs in the summer. I wear them around the house, out in the yard and even down to the barn. I live in them!”

Nicola looked rather pale and just kept walking. Not sure what to think, I pointed out that thongs can be a hazard, because last year over 25,000 people ended up in hospital emergency rooms due to injuries from wearing them. End of conversation (and shopping).

An hour later Nicola called me up laughing and said, “It just occurred to me that when you were talking about thongs you were talking about flip-flops or sandals.” Then she added, “I thought you were talking about ladies underwear.”

Okay, so my language is aging me, and thongs are undies and flips flops are what we put on our feet. But do I look like the kind of woman who would wear thongs to go feed the horses? Also, 25,000 people do NOT end up in the emergency rooms every year because of underpants (and if they do, this writer is not saying a word about it)!

Yes, words change. I am getting old. I used to sit on a davenport (sofa) and in the kitchen dishes were set on the sideboard (countertops). One day I asked a grandson to please fetch my pocketbook and he just stared at me for a minute – my purse please! Oh yea, times have changed and so have the words we use.

Getting back to those flip flops, wear them with caution! People trip, fall, stub their toes, drop things on their feet, get the thong (that little piece of leather or rubber that goes between your toes) ripped off or caught on something, sprain ankles and even break legs. Yikes!

The American Medical Association has called flip flops the most dangerous form of footwear one can ever place on their feet. Who knew? Maybe they should come with a warning label that reads, “walking in these can be hazardous to your health.”

Summer is here. So, for safety’s sake throw out all those cheap, rubber flip flops and upgrade to a sturdier style of footwear. Like words, styles may change, and our vocabulary may age us. Yet some things remain the same.  . . . we want our toes to breathe without pain or injury! Flip or flop, but no thongs allowed.


Judy Bluhm is a writer and a local realtor. Have a story or a comment? Email Judy at

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