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Around the Bluhmin’ Town


Judy Bluhm

By now, the presents we had carefully wrapped have been ripped open. The tree might be drying up. No doubt we ate and spent too much, but what the heck, Christmas only comes once a year. It might have been a bit stressful, but at least I did not run out of Reddi-wip.

Yes, Dear Readers, it seems the canned whipped topping is in slim supply in some areas of the country. Yikes, we could be in danger of an all-out crisis! Evidently there is a serious nitrous oxide shortage and what is available is being used up by dentists. Hey, who needs laughing gas to get a root canal? We want our whipped topping! So those of us who like to squirt the heavenly cream from a can might have to suffer a piece of pie with no topping!

My Aunt Dorothy passed away at the age of ninety, but for the last ten years of her life she “splurged” on the Reddi-wip. She loved to eat a slice of pie every night, and she would smother it with the whipped foam. But why stop there? She discovered a cup of coffee was more “special” with a squirt of the topping and even bland, plain oatmeal was made into a “treat” with a squeeze from the can. Actually, the family was worried that Aunt Dorothy was a “Reddi-wip addict” because she went through a few cans a week and sometimes just took the can, tilted her head back and squirted it right into her mouth!

Two women in a grocery store in Phoenix got into a scuffle because they were both diving for the last can of Reddi-wip. Other customers in the store had to break them up and I guess it got ugly when one woman hit the other in the head with the can. Hey, is this the way to act around the Holidays? What happened to goodwill and holiday cheer? Sadly, if my Aunt Dorothy had been there, it would have been a lot worse. Police would have been called.

But a New Year approaches and there are more important things than whipped topping! This Season reminds us that a brand new beginning is just around the corner, another year is upon us, and it’s time to celebrate, reflect and make a few resolutions (not particularly in that order). Did you know that there’s been some sort of New Year’s celebration for over 4,000 years?

 This is the oldest of Holidays and was first observed in ancient Babylon with a festival that lasted for at least eleven days! It was those party-animals, the Babylonians, who first came up with the idea to make New Year’s resolutions. What would those ancient resolutions consist of? The most common were promises to return borrowed farm equipment. (If you have a few garden tools in your garage that belong to your neighbor, this might be a good time to give them back).

Human behavior dictates that people are far more willing to do something that they know is right (start exercising) than to give up something that they know is wrong (eating too much sugar). So let’s not focus on what we could give up, but on what we might start doing. Being kind, patient, loving and more attentive with those around us, is a nice place to start. Stopping to appreciate the special moments in our daily lives could be uplifting. This is supposedly the essence of happiness – finding joy in the common happenings and daily routines in our lives.

The New Year brings with it the promise of renewal and rebirth. Make a few New Year resolutions. Because life is short. So eat the pie and smother it with Reddi-wip. Don’t hold back. Drink the bubbly and be sure to revel in a Big Ball that drops at the stroke of midnight in Times Square to usher in another year. Be fun-loving and celebrate like the Babylonians! And may your New Year have no shortage of anything…especially whipped cream.

Judy Bluhm is a writer and a local realtor. Have a story or a comment? Email Judy at