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Carefree Bashas’ sees business increase after remodel


Tara Alatorre

CAREFREE – The newly remodeled Bashas’ located on Tom Darlington Drive, in Carefree, has seen a large increase in the daily foot traffic since the store remodeled and had its grand re-opening in October of this year, according to the franchise and the town.

The Carefree Bashas’, which has been serving the community for over 24 years, was remodeled with an updated floor layout and received several new amenities that are exclusive to this location. Since the store’s re-opening in October, it has experienced an overall increase in daily volume by 25 to 40 percent compared to this time last year, according to a press release from Carefree’s spokeswoman, Gina Kaegi.

In addition to the remodel, the Carefree Bashas’ expanded its organic selection, added a new sushi bar with chefs making fresh rolls onsite daily, and a grab-and-go concept featuring a salad bar and an assortment of hot soups.

A new in-store Starbucks was added to the location that features a garage door feature that opens to a patio with beautiful views of Black Mountain.

“The garage door style Starbucks is extremely unique and not something you would see at any other Bashas’,” said Ashley Shick, director of communications for Bashas’.

Shick said special consideration was taken when hammering out the fine details and offerings for the remodeled Carefree Bashas’; the franchise wanted to ensure it would serve the residents of the community well.

“Not every remodel store has fresh sushi but we knew this would be a great location, and something folks would respond to,” said Shick.

Although Bashas would not give exact details, the locally-owned grocer said the Carefree Bashas’ is one of its better performing stores, which is all because of the support from the local community.

However, the increased foot traffic does not just benefit Bashas’ stores; Carefree is run solely on sales tax since there is no local property tax, and the increased sales boost from the remodel helps support the town’s infrastructure.

Mayor Les Peterson expressed how the success of the remodeled Bashas’ positively reinforces the grocer’s decision to make a long-term investment in the town of Carefree.

“We welcome stimulated growth in the surrounding businesses,” said Mayor Peterson in a press release.  “It will measurably contribute to the economic success of Carefree through the meaningful sales tax the store generates.”

Despite the success of the remodel in Carefree, the Bashas’ Family of Stores has no plans at the time to open any new locations in the Carefree, Cave Creek, or Anthem areas.  Bashas’ is a family-owned, Arizona-based grocer that has been in business since 1932.