Pictured: Self-Driving Ubers on the I-17/Anthem Way, as part of program testing.
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Ride-sharing services offer NYE options


NORTH VALLEY – Planning to go out New Year’s Eve? Have a designated driver set before you go out, or make plans to utilize a taxi or service like Uber or Lyft.

Lyft is partnering with the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office for the “Save Lives, Don’t DUI” campaign; from now until New Year’s Eve first-time Lyft users that download the app can get $5 off their first four rides by entering the promotion code “JOY”.  Riders who already use Lyft can get 20 percent off four rides by entering the promotion code “JOY17”.

Uber is partnering with Coors Light Free Rides to offer discounted rides to and from all Valley Metro Rail stations. Travelers can get 10 percent off two Uber rides to or from Valley Metro Rail stations from 3 p.m. on New Year’s Eve until the end of Valley Metro regular service on Jan. 1, by entering the code CLNYE18, according to Uber representatives.

Given it will be extra busy, Uber representatives also recommend that passengers remember to check their rides to ensure they’re getting into the right car and to avoid imposter drivers by making sure that the car make/model/license plate matches what’s in the app before entering the vehicle and confirming the driver’s name and that he/she looks like the photo in app. Uber also noted that passengers can save on fares by splitting fares with friends or sharing one Uber amongst a group of friends.

Uber is also continuing their Self-Driving Uber program; right now, Self-Driving Ubers pick up passengers in Scottsdale and Phoenix, mostly around ASU in the Phoenix area, according to Uber representatives. You may still see a Self-Driving Uber further north, however, as local residents reported last week, but generally, Self-Driving Ubers seen outside of their service area are part of testing.

According to Uber representatives, riders who have provided feedback on Self-Driving Ubers have shared positive feelings on the program.