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New leadership for Cave Creek as new mayor and council sworn in


Tara Alatorre

CAVE CREEK – The town of Cave Creek officially swore in Mayor Ernie Bunch, who is the only the second citizens-elected mayor to serve the town since Vincent Francia, was elected in 1999, when Cave Creek first gained its township.

Along with the swearing in of Mayor Bunch, six town council members, Ron Sova, Thomas McGuire, Susan Clancy, Mary Elrod, David Smith, and Eileen Wright were also sworn in, officially announcing a new era of leadership in the town of Cave Creek.

The first order of business under the new town council was to nominate and elect a Vice Mayor for a two-year term. It came down to a tie-breaker vote between Sova and McGuire, with Sova winning the Vice Mayor seat in a four-to-three vote.

In its second order of business, the Cave Creek Town Council also appointed three town residents to serve on the planning commission. The newly appointed members are Bob Voris, Ted Bryda, and Reg Monachino.

Voris and Bryda will be serving a three-year term on the commission, while Monachino will only be serving a two-year term, as he is replacing a recently seated town council member.

The town council also unanimously approved the comprehensive annual financial report for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2016, with revenues exceeding expenditures by almost $2,000,000, and a positive variance of $1.2 million from the final budget, according to the report.